Who would you vote for?

If you were a member of Al-Qaeda or the Iraqi Baath party, yet somehow had the right to vote in the US 2004 Presidential Election, who would you vote for? The Democrats or the Republicans?

I’m thinking I’d probably vote for none of the above and write in Mickey Mouse.

If I were a Baathist, I would vote for Ralph Nader. Not even the Democraps are fucked up(*) enough to destroy the U.S. in a mere four years, but Nader could manage it.

(*) Note, this is a proper political-debate term now, according to John Kerry.

I will vote for the Saddam/Bin Laden ticket. Death to the infidels!

Don’t you mean the Bin Laden/Saddam ticket, infidel dog? Go ahead, throw your vote away! Those fifth parties never win!

I would start the Monster Raving Loony party and nominate Hunter S. Thompson and Captain Long Dong Silver to run for president/vice president on a platform of Dionysian excess and “pubic hair” regulations for all cans of coke.


Why start a new one? The Libertarian Party has been around for decades.