Whoa! Epstein is dead...in his cell...The Conspiracy Free For All Thread

What is the alt right’s obsession with pedos in their conspiracies? Serious question.



I regret saying some things to my friends who tried to tell me the Clintons are not good people. I wish I’d listened with a more open mind, and I definitely wish I’d done a better job of due diligence before voting for Hillary in 2016.

There is some fishy shit going on with Democrats these days.

Thank you. Thank you for that post. Fits right in.

This from the same Vice page you linked:
"Giuffre also said in her deposition that she met Trump at Mar-a-Lago but had no knowledge of Trump ever having sex with the girls Epstein abused and seemingly “loaned” to other wealthy, powerful men. She added Trump never so much as flirted with her.

“I didn’t physically see him have sex with any of the girls, so I can’t say who he had sex with in his whole life or not, but I just know it wasn’t with me when I was with other girls,” Giuffre said in her November 2016 deposition."

I was going to vote for her but she lost me half way. She want saying much and had to much political baggage. Relied too much on voting for her because she a woman.

I just didn’t vote. I didnt want her or trump.

Maybe the alt right don’t like people who fuck little girls.

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Not voting is technically a vote though haha

I just couldn’t imagine Trump being a successful president. I voted for Hillary because I voted against Trump. A series of mistakes on my part, as hindsight has revealed.

I suspect that Hillary will be the last Democrat I vote for in my life, however. Never again (unless Tulsi or Yang, they will get a fair consideration by me - and due diligence).

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Julie was on it from the getgo.

Wow. Alan and I are done:

The Herald reported that Epstein’s team of lawyers, including Alan Dershowitz, Roy Black, Jay Lefkowitz and Kenneth Starr, demanded that the plea deal be kept secret from the girls who had accused him from wrongdoing.

And the media is drowning us in details now. How very interesting and worthy of entry in a conspiracy thread.

I give you CNN:

he story quotes Giuffre as saying: “Donald Trump was also a good friend of Jeffrey’s. He didn’t partake in sex with any of us but he flirted with me. He’d laugh and tell Jeffrey, ‘You’ve got the life.’”

In the deposition, Giuffre says “it’s true that he didn’t partake in any sex with us, (but) it’s not true that he flirted with me. Donald Trump never flirted with me.” She also says her only basis for stating that Trump was a “good friend” was Epstein’s own description of his relationship with Trump.

Asked whether she ever saw the two men together, Giuffre replies, “No, not that I can actually remember.” She also says she can’t recall ever having seen Trump at Epstein’s homes in the US Virgin Islands, New Mexico or New York.

But she did not refute other details of the Daily Mail story, including that Epstein hosted a dinner on his Caribbean island for President Bill Clinton shortly after Clinton left office.

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YOu have fascination with the alt right it would seem.

I do, it fascinates me how many people in this thread dismiss and won’t read any so called MSM, yet they feed of each other’s theories and create new stories together.

It’s interesting to see his the sausage is made


I won’t speak for anyone else, but I was mocking the MSM and how certain posters view them. I reads all the newses.

But no one here is alt right…

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That’s what you would say if you were and were trying to hide it behind liberal platitudes.



моя секретная крышка взорвана

Who here is alt right lol.

I think you’re seriously confused.