*Wholesale* Fabric District =Bihua St. 碧華街 in Sanchong

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I remember reading an article in Centered in Taipei about a wholesale fabric district where one could purchase fabric by the bolt. It’s not Di Hua Street where the Fabric Market is and where people buy goodies for Chinese New Year but the name of the street sounds very similar, enough to confuse people who try to find it, and even the taxi drivers (maybe the same romanization but different tones?). Clear as mud?

I’ve tried calling the Center and I guess the article was written so long ago the lady answering phones doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

I also tried visiting taiwan-map.com and searching for “Ti Hua” and “Ti Hwa” but that didn’t give me anything to go on.

Any and all leads appreciated!!!

My wife loves to sew and practically visits the Fabric Market once a week. If you find a place that sells even cheaper fabric, please let me know. The only place I know is around Tihua St. (at the end of Nanjing W. Rd.). If you go down Leli St. there is a big circular building where you can buy bolts of fabric, but you have to look on all three floors, and look well. Sometimes fabric you find in local shops for NT$800 a yard, sells there for NT$100.

I’m a fabric junkie and wish I could go there at least once a week too.

If I figure out where this place is, I’ll be sure to let you know, but it’s not Di Hua Jie at the end of Nanjing. Is Leli St at the same place???

This area that I read about sells by the bolt so you can’t buy by the yard, but I’ve been told that you can get 30 to 50 yards per bolt, about about NT$1200 per bolt. Perfect for slipcovers, drapes, etc.


I guess you were thinking of an article from Feb. 2003 . The headline is “Bi Hwa Street? Don’t you mean Di Hwa?” In the article it’s said to get there you should take the the 508 bus from Shilin or Chientan MRT station and get off at the Bi Hua Temple! Hope that helps!
SAMC :laughing:

That’s it! Thanks SAMC!

I went to Bihua St.(碧華街)with my wife on Saturday. It is amazing!! 44yds of great quality upholdstery fabric only NT$1300. Anyway, we took the 508 bus and got off in San Chung at the BiHua Temple (it is in front of a park, the temple is down the road) stop. You then need to follow the road in the direction the bus was heading and make the first right turn after the Hilife Convenient store, it is a small street. The temple is on the corner of the road and the street. Go down the small street past the temple and you should start seeing fabric shops with big rolls of fabric. Most do not have signs, so just look in the doorways.

Hey I was just wondering if anyone new where I could find some fabrics. I checked out that 3 floor place(fabric market), but its only open M-F 10-6. So i have no time to go.
I was wondering if there is another area or place that i could go to. If anyone knows that would be great.


Check out post 4 & 6 of [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/wholesale-fabric-district-bihua-st-in-sanchong/11106/1 topic. Xpet.

Thanks for sharing this–we’re hoping to check it out this week.


Is this the same area that has Chinese-style clothing for sell? Most of the stores in Taipei are pretty pricey. I’m looking for better deals?

Is this the same area that has Chinese-style clothing for sell? Most of the stores in Taipei are pretty pricey. I’m looking for better deals?[/quote]

This Bihua place…what kind of fabrics do they sell? Like at the fabric market just big rolls?
Is it just upholdstery fabric and such they have or where can I get wholesale of “KAWAII” fabrics (a word I recently just learned. Kawaii :laughing: )?


…carry on…