Who's Going to Win the World Series?

Who’s Going to Win the World Series?

  • Atlanta Braves
  • Boston Red Sox
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Florida Marlins
  • Minnesota Twins
  • New York Yankees
  • Oakland As

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Not who you want to win, but who you think is going to win (of course, it’s a given that everyone wants either the Cubs or Red Sox to win).

This poll is only open for one day because the playoffs are starting on Tuesday.

Beantown will finally break the curse…Pedro will mow 'em down…he is gonna give Jeter a “Golden Sombrero” for good measure.

Now…if I may…what is a Golden Sombrero? 50 guanxi for the right answer.

Ok… no longer a double. whos toying with my posts?
Cubs, Cubs, Cubs! You heard it hear first.


A batter who strikes our not two, not three, but four times in a game. (Save your guanxi Toe Save, I had to look it up.)

BRAVES all the way!!! r we going to win anything if we are right??

Cheater! No Guanxi for you!


The Guanxi Nazi

Well, I’ll tell ya…you have indeed lost something…my respect…I hate the Braves almost as much as The Blow Jays…Chipper Jones gives me a rash and the starting rotation makes more money than the entire Expos roster. Remind me again MiakaW…how many times have they made it to the WS? And how many have they won?


One of my favorite baseball terms has always been “can of corn.” No idea why. According to Exlexica – “can of corn (n) – an easy catch by a fielder.”

For lots of fun baseball terminology, check here.

so…one can’t support the team she likes?? ahhhhhhh!! Look @ Jazz (basketball) made it to sooo many play-offs and Marlone still didn’t have a chance to get a RING!

oh well :unamused:

Cubbies baby all the way. The starting rotation of Wood, Prior, Zambrano, and Clement is best in the majors. Can’t top that rotation. With Sammy coming around and the solid play of Lofton, Grudzielanek, Alou, and Ramirez, the Cubs have a good team throughout. Chicago Cubbies baby!

gotta go with the marlins and pudge.

while a cubbies-bosox would be a ratings smash just listening to the losing side moan (fer another hundred years?) makes me wanna avoid the whole situation. but, ya gotta love pedro “there’s no crying in baseball” martinez. sammy ain’t ernie banks, ain’t no rhino.

can of corn? just for you: back in the day, before air-conned, neon lit 24 hour supermarkets groceries were bought at small local shops. the places were rather densely packed with goods. the fast selling stuff got premium spacing to allow for improved ergonomics of fetching them. slow sellers got put up higgghh on the shelves. how high? the grocer would use a stick to fetch 'em down. you know, he’d kinda poke and prod the can till he finally coaxed enough of it to just tip off the edge of the shelf. it would fall down and be a rather easy catch. canned corn was such an item placed up top…so…“willie mcgee is camped under the high can of corn for the second out” gives the meaning of a high, lofting popfly that causes little difficulty in catching.

Grudzielanek, Alou…Ex-Expos!!! :laughing: :laughing:

Detriot…in the year 2039

Da Bears, … I mean Da Bulls, no no I mean Da Cubs. Because their coach is Kirsten Dunst.
(It doesn’t matter to me. Ever since the Cards tanked I lost interest.)

Uh oh, I forgot to add one team (shhh, it’s the Giants). Bad omen.

I was about to say, kinda difficult to have a playoff with an odd number of teams :laughing:

Cubs/Braves: in a 5 game set Cubs actually have a chance. Cubs added the pieces they needed and the Wood/Prior combo is strong, but they still can’t beat the Braves. Prior is definitely one of the best pitchers in the NL, but Wood gets lit up quite often. Prior also got lit up in his only matchup against ATL this year. Wood did not face ATL this year. Cubby bats don’t have a chance against ATL pitching unless Maddux starts sucking again. ATL hitting though crushed everybody this year. Look for Dusty to do something to screw it up as well. ATL over Cubs.

Marlins/Giants: There’s upset written all over here. Giants bats blow this year and unless Schmidt is gonna pitch every game Marlins are gonna take it in a short series. Mike Lowell is also back. Florida pitching staff can handle any Giants hitter. Bonds is gonna be 0-0 with IBBs everywhere since(w/o Bonds) Giants have such a crappy OBP this year. Marlins over Giants.

Oakland/Red Sox: Too bad Mulder is out or this could have been a good series. Boston bats are too hot for A’s pitching… this one is cake for Boston unless Oak can duplicate last year’s playoffs. Oak offense totally suck this year!!! Sox over Oak.

NYY/Twinkies: NYY better pitching, hitting, coaching, fans…sweep. What are the Twins, like 0-17 against the Yankees?

Marlins/Braves: 7 game series, Braves all the way, better offence and dominating pitching.

Yanks/Red Sox: Sox got the offense to match the Yanks, Pedro will have to pitch 3 games if the Sox are to have a chance. I’d still give the nod to the Yanks cuz the Sox are never gonna lift the curse, but I think it’ll be fun to watch. Yankee depth is gonna prevail again though. Plus BoSox got BKim to close against the Yanks :wink:

WS: Yanks vs ATL… same ol same ol here. Baring injury, it’s gonna be close. NYY pitcher are gonna tire down the strech, but Yanks do have home field cuz freaking Hank Blalock of all people cranked one off Gagne in the All-Star game. This is a toss up, but if it goes 7, then Yankees, less than 7 ATL.

Take it as you will, since I only follow MLB a tiny bit :stuck_out_tongue:

A fan is born…

I have been waiting for the greatest Expo ever to resurface and today, he did. Felipi is calling the shots in the Giants dugout :shock: :shock: and I am beside myself with joy. I have been needing a new team…contraction potential aside…it hurts too much to love one so flawed as are the hapless Expos. I have been saying, since the day they terminated Felipi’s contract, that I would forswear the Expos forever and finally once Felipi popped up on my radar again…to avow myself of whomever he settled with…I prayed it would be a NL squad and had heard he was with the Detroit organization…was getting used to the idea of cheering for an AL squad…but now I don’t have too…

Long live The Giants…

And Grip is patrolling the gaps too…

One night, one sozzly, drizzly Montreal night…I am stumbling home, glowing from a night of flipping for shots and taking tips at one of Mtl’s more famous watering holes when the Expos bus pulls up to the front of my highrise…now, I knew a few of the fellas lived in my building…seen 'em in the elevators and stuff…so Grip (Marquis Grissom) gets off the bus and I notice he has a splint on his hand and he is fumbling with his suitcase…so I grab his bag and tell him, “In the show, you never have to carry your own bag” and I escort him to his door… :smiley: :smiley: I guess you could say “I gripped the grip by the grip for Grip”…

I thought I heard Urbina’s name mentioned in the game today, but only saw up to the sixth…is he a Giant too? or a Marlin?

Nice park the Giants have too…

I am verry happy to be a Giants fan…beautiful city…kinda the Montreal of California… :wink:

GO Giants GO

The Cubs won, Wood two-hit the feared Atlanta bats into the 7th. Then he smacks a double to put the Cubbies ahead. Nice, very nice. First road playoff win, in what, six decades?

“World” Series? You mean the World Cup. Gotta wait for 2006, unfortunately.

Yeah, I know, I’m being facetious. Still, the very idea that it’s called the “World” Series is amusing.

[quote=“Toe Save”]Long live The Giants…

Nice park the Giants have too…

I am verry happy to be a Giants fan…beautiful city…kinda the Montreal of California… :wink:

GO Giants GO[/quote]

For once Toe Save, I gotta say… I agree with you… :wink: (Because on the poll, SF Giant is not on there!)