Who's got VISTA? Reviews?

That is what my company also decided recently. We were supposed to go live with VISTA on 15.000 >Workstations as from March, but too many leaks. need first SP cause of security reasons.

Nothing works with Vista. Nightmare. If you buy a Toshiba laptop which only comes with Vista, God help you trying to find XP drivers when you want to go back to an OS that works.

I remember Windows when it came out. And Windows before WFW 3.1. I was a kid obviously. But I’ve never seen such a pile of shite as Vista. Unexpectedly bad, even for Microsoft. And their collusion with the hardware vendors to push this so-called “upgrade” is odious. Shame on Toshiba.

Never again will I buy a system with an MS OS unless there is absolutely no choice.

Vista is bloatware. Malware, even. I have a HK$7,000 paperweight until Vista SP1 comes out and I can perhaps make the damn thing work. Never seen such a slow computer. Makes Digital CP/M look like the Holy Grail. At least if I had my Sun Solaris Workstation I could use Pine to send an email.

Progress, eh?

Back to UNIX we go.



Well, I bought my new system last weekend, 37k worth. It’s great.

And I have quite the opposite opinion from what Lord Lucan wrote. I would have to say so far that I’m quite impressed with Vista. Everything is working for me, drivers, third party software, etc. Just my old Viewsonic CRT monitor driver won’t be accepted by Vista. Even EA Sports games from 2005 work on it. Quite pleased.

People complained about XP when it first came out too. This is no different. Microsoft is a target that way.

I blame Toshiba. MS has a history of Beta-testing its new OSes on paying customers and we expect that. However, Toshiba and IBM were favourites of corporate IT departments because they protected the end-user from MS’s lack of interest in releasing a finished product. From my internet surfing it appears that many M100 owners are furious at Toshiba for selling a computer which lacks basic functionality such as the ability to use VoIP via Skype or MSN or Yahoo, or Adobe products such as Acrobat and PhotoShop.

No-one expects an MS OS to be worth a shit when it is released, but it is very cynical of Toshiba to release a slew of cheaper laptops (the expensive ones of course run XP) on the basis that “it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work, it was really cheap”.

So I will never buy a Toshiba product again, or any computer running an MS OS. As I said, I paid HK$7k for something that doesn’t work. And of course neither the OS nor other software is covered in Toshiba’s warranty. OK, I have been ripped off. I’m used to it. I live in China.

But I will be buying Macintosh computers from now on, even at double the price of a Toshiba. It is after all my hard-earned money.

I am not making swipes at MS for the sake of it. Windows 2000 was a great OS. Which I installed as an MSDN subscriber* the day it was included in the package of MSDN disks and it never Blue Screened once in the five years it was on my computer. But Vista has finished me with MS. And Toshiba.

An irrelevant aside, but if you log on to Windows 2000 Advanced Server (£3,500) at the console, and chose not to hide system files in Explorer, it asks you if you are sure, as those are special secret files. I asked myself at the time, “I am a Domain Admin** on a Developers’ Group of ten SQL Server programmers [fucker-abouters, in reality] logging on to a DEC Alpha Server** and it is asking me whether I am really sure I want to see the systems files. Oh.”

SQL Server 7 was a good product too, but it has been all downhill since Windows 2000.

Had I bought an IBM/Lenovo, I think I wouldn’t be having these problems. They ship with XP, and if you are unlucky enough to get one with Vista, the XP drivers on the website actually work.

(*i.e., the day after I borrowed the MSDN disks out of the office to make copies of them
**I am living proof that you don’t have to know much about IT to work in, er, IT.
***Impressive-sounding but actually quite-old computer - state-of-the-art in its day)

Does anybody has experience with the a multi language setup Chinese and English? What I’ve heard, you need the US Ultimate or Enterprise version and then you can install a chinese language pack.

Anybody tried that? Does it work properly?

Is the other way around possible? Installing a Chinese Vista and switch it to English?

Shiner: I installed the English version of Windows Vista Home Premium, and am able to input English and Chinese, just like with WinXP. I don’t remember how I enabled it, had to download an IME or something.

With Ultimate or Enterprise I believe you have the ability to switch the language of the entire OS, so everything would appear in Chinese or English, not just what you are inputting.

So, if you just want to type in Chinese (using pinyin or bopomo), Home Premium will suffice.

Now even an OEM is publicly expressing its dissatisfaction with MS Vista.

news.yahoo.com/s/pcworld/134962; … kCf.cjtBAF

it’s a window into bloat, sluggishness, and unnecessary hardware upgrades.

I really despise how long it takes to load up the desktop, whatnot after you login.

question is, how do I reinstall Windows XP without losing all the laptop programs from Lenovo ie their fingerprint sensor, their networking software. Do I partition? will partition magic work?


  1. partition Windows folder from everything else. C: and D:

  2. Delete Windows Vista.

  3. Install XP into C: drive.

Will this work?

[quote=“Jack Burton”]question is, how do I reinstall Windows XP without losing all the laptop programs from Lenovo ie their fingerprint sensor, their networking software. Do I partition? will partition magic work?


  1. partition Windows folder from everything else. C: and D:

  2. Delete Windows Vista.

  3. Install XP into C: drive.

Will this work?[/quote]No, you can only do a complete reinstall of XP. You can’t even upgrade from XP to Vista in some circumstances without losing everything. Look on the CD that came with the computer, it may have XP versions of the drivers and stuff. Or look on their website for XP versions.

I have also downgraded from (the evaluation version of) Vista to XP, because more stuff just simply works on it.

Anyone here considering an Apple instead. Vista won’t mature for another year or more… I didn’t upgrade XP until SP1 was out, either. In fact, one of my machines is still running 98SE… It’s a little flaky, but I can do stuff that Ican’t do with XP easily…
What about a Linux alternative?

I gave Ubuntu a go. But there were issues. Could I use Adobe Photoshop? No. Adobe Premiere? No. That was an instant writeoff.

My wife got a new Notebook with Vista recently. So many software and hardware that was incompatible and it was SUPER SLOW. Damn resource hog. Besides that the Bells and Whistles were nothing to speak of. So she paid someone to change it to Windows XP. Sony told her, can’t do it. But found some guy on the internet that did it and was quite professional. About 1 month and no troubles. Much more usable now.


did the guy save an image of the Vista setup?

I was thinking of:

  1. partition and save image of Vista

  2. delete Vista

  3. Install XP

  4. When Vista is finally ok with patches, reinstall image.

Will this work?

No saved image of Vista, because she never plans to use it again on this Notebook PC. Not sure if you are familiar with the Sony Type G. It is small 12 inch and super super light! Maybe the lightest 12 inch in the world? Anyway, they must not use a powerful enough CPU, because it is just too damn slow for this hardware configuration to run Vista, maybe on a powerful Desktop it would be different.

Jack Burton, what are you trying to do ?
Downgrade from Vista to XP ?
or add an XP partition so you can dual boot into Vista or XP ?

[quote=“Big Fluffy Matthew”]Jack Burton, what are you trying to do ?
Downgrade from Vista to XP ?
or add an XP partition so you can dual boot into Vista or XP ?[/quote]

Trying to downgrade to XP for the time being, so that I can have a working computer.

But keep an image of Vista in case I need to upgrade in the future.

I prefer the partitions, because if I have to reinstall versions of Windows, at least most of the program files don’t have to be reinstalled, or if install is required, at least not bother copying the file onto the HD if I keep them on the partitioned non-windows drive.

My own experience, utter crap. Vista had so many problems with software I had to format and go back to xp. Wont touch that vista pile of rubbish for a long time now.

I’ve been using 64-bit Vista Ultimate for a few months now, and have had no problems. So far, my system is very stable.

CPU: Intel E6600 Core 2 Duo
Motherboard: Asus Commando
Video: Asus NVidia 7900GT w/ 256MB RAM
PSU: 580W Tagan w/ modular connectors (very freaking nice PSU, btw.)

I’ve had no trouble finding signed drivers for anything that I’ve installed, and all of my legacy software worked fine, with the exception of Nero. I had to download version 7.1 of Nero in order to burn anything, but that has been working fine.

The only game I’ve played so far on this machine is Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, but it ran nicely.

Jeeves_Cripes, I echo your sentiments. Vista is running beautifully on my new system. Very stable, no problem with software. I only had to download the same Nero update as you did. EA Sports games from a few years ago play fine as well. You can always run games in Compatibility Mode anyway if you have trouble.

If you are trying to put Vista on a sub-par computer you’ve had XP on, you’re going to have trouble. Vista is not for older systems.


I think the 4GB ram in Jeeves system makes a ton of difference, but the cost of putting 4GBs in laptops is stupid ridiculous.

I did run it on 2GB RAM for about a month, and it still ran fine. But there was a noticeable improvement when I went to 4GB. And yeah, I’d hate to pay for 4GB of laptop RAM. Yikes.

That said, I wish to hell that it were as easy to build a laptop as it is to build a desktop. I would love to be able to choose my own laptop case, mobo, psu, keyboard, screen, and whatnot, build it, and then try whatever OS I wanted. It freaking kills me to pay massive kuai for something I can’t rebuild if I wanna. And you don’t even get the OS disk anymore, in most cases, which blow-ho-HOES.

Pardon. I’m liable to rant if I don’t stop now.