Who's screwing with the guanxi?

Bon Vivant has an avatar, despite having registered today and having 4 guanxi (you are supposed to need 100 guanxi). But a look at the guanxi transfers shows that Bon Vivant received 100 guanxi from Charlotteday. That would be fine, except Charlotteday also only registered today and has but one post, entitling her to one guanxi. What is going on here? Are the mods / is a mod playing some kind of practical joke? Verrrrrrrrrrrry interesting.

I have no idea, but have some secret guanxi under the table in a brown envelope for noticing, Mum’s the word, ok ?


Still wondering how someone with 1 guanxi can give someone else 100 guanxi. “Some animals are more equal than others,” I guess, he he.

Moderators can bestow guanxi without it showing up.


[quote=“Bu Lai En”]Moderators can bestow guanxi without it showing up.


In that case, I have a swiss guanxi account that I’d like 1000 000 guanxi$ put in. For my retirement.

And we can take it away again if you’re not careful :wink:

Fred Smith is having a bit of fun with multiple registrations and guanxi transfers, I think.

That’d be my take.


Are you sure? Fred isn’t the kind of poster who always feels the need to be the center of attention, is he?

:smiley: I have swiss account, but i’m afraid there’s not much guanxi on it…