Who's the better actor, Arnold or Ronnie?

Who’s the better actor, Arnold or Ronnie?

  • Arnold
  • Ronnie
  • That guy from the Love Boat who died of cancer

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Yah, terminate one more for the Gipper.

Obviously it’s Jesse Ventura

who’s the guy from love boat with cancer?

my vote would be for Fantasy Island Ricardo Montalban and his little friend. They should have had a reunion on Wrath of Khan. I think the little man passed on by then.

Arnold: It’s not a tumor!

Jesse: I’m a sexual tyranosaurus.

I presume the topics refers to actors who have become politictians. Arnie Blackndecker and Ronnie Raygun. But none of them have oscars, unlike Glenda Jackson MP.

Why did Giles Brandreth and Seb Coe just flash into my mind ? :shock: scary…

One guy from the Love Boat served in the US Congress. He was a cabin boy or something. I don’t remember what he was on the Love Boat.

Zippy comic today was about ‘celebriticians’. I never posted a poll before so I thought I’d give it a try.

Ronnie was the real McCoy, a real actor, bad as he was. Arnie was never an actor, just a weight lifter who entered the movie business. He cannot act to save his life. Ronnie was a great actor, in his B-class way. Hilarious to watch him today. Arnie is just a cartoon character. However, as governor, he will do cool things for the Republic of California.

I have more faith in Arnie than I did in Sonny Bono.