Why 10 posts per page?

If anything I’d want more than 15 not less. I hope it’s for some technical reason (although I can think of none) and not for more page views on the ads. :noway: :laughing:

You are right, the change was made to give more exposure to the websites, restaurants and events that help Forumosa :notworthy: Let me know other ways we can raise their profile - without them, Forumosa would be far less than it is (i.e. slower and more prone to server problems - we are paying 10x in server hosting than 2 years, when we passed 100,000 posts)

Btw, it certainly took you a while to notice this - I made the change a couple of months ago. Yours is the first mention of it. I take this to mean that there are no real issues with shortening it. I was originally planning to cut it down to 8 per page - 8’s my favorite number :slight_smile: :rainbow:

I noticed it ages ago, I thought it was make threads look longer.

You can control the number of posts to view if you use the Print version, which is only available if you are logged in.

Hope this helps

Yeah, I noticed it a while ago too, just never said nothing.