Why 7/11 doesn't celebrate 7/11 ?


Today is the 11th of July, 7/11

How come the marketing guys at 7/11 can miss such an opportunity for events, promotion, and celebrations?


You been lying awake all night thinking this one up?




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Your mission today sir is to go into every 7-11 you encounter and ask that very same question.
If you get a positive answer, please report back ASAP


Diana’s dead dude. How’d those random acts of kindness work out for her?


She went to Heaven?


I got a free slushie a couple years back at a 7/11 in Austin, TX. We actually went at midnight, but they said the promotion didn’t start until later in the day. We can back every couple hours to get more free small slushies when different employees were working.


Because their holiday is the 7th of November. Next stupid question?


Free slurpees !!! https://www.azcentral.com/story/entertainment/dining/2018/07/10/7-eleven-day-celebrate-their-birthday-free-slurpees-july-11/764057002/


Exactly! This is marketing!

Freebie alert! Celebrate 7-Eleven’s birthday with a free Slurpee July 11

“7-Eleven Day is a celebration, not only of our birthday, but more importantly, of our customers.”


the 7-11s in the US celebrate 7-11 day (in fact this whole week has a bunch of free stuff). the 7-11s in taiwan are owned by another company (unipresident) and obviously don’t care about 7-11 day sadly.

also to that guy who i wasn’t sure if he was serious or making a nonsensical joke, japan (the current owner of 7-11), taiwan, and the US (the origin of 7-11) all use month day ordering (y-m-d for japan/taiwan and m-d-y for the usa).


Actually, the 7-11 HQs are in the Himalayas.


oh ho ho not quite. that’s the far superior kwik-e-mart. taiwan doesn’t have these - only inferior knock-offs like 7-11 and family mart. most of you probably haven’t been in one - you guys are all missing out. hot dogs don’t taste right unless they’ve been out for 20 days and dropped on the ground.