Why all the Visa Runs?

I’m hoping to spend a year in Taiwan on a visitor’s visa, so I called a TECO office in the States about what I would need to do. She told me that I could get a multiple-entry Visitor visa for 60 days that could be extendable twice (so 6 months total). She also mentioned that I can extend it while I’m in Taiwan, and that at 6 months I could leave the country and come back (the Visa run) and start the cycle again. So, I guess I’m confused why so many posters to the forum talk about having to do expensive visa runs every 2 months. It doesn’t seem so bad to have to do one every 6 months. In fact, I’m sure it would be a nice excuse for a short break. Is this just a new rule or something?

Why all the Visa runs? Just wondering if I’m missing something here.


The truth is that extensions can be hard to get.

Right. You generally need one of the approved reasons to extend, for example 15hrs/week of Chinese classes. It’s cheaper to do a day trip to HKG.

to make things easier, get a local Taiwanese friend to go with you to the FAP, things will go easier as you will be ‘visiting them’ as your purpose for the extentions.

When you say bring a Taiwanese friend, you mean you basically say that this is your girlfriend or something? Is that a justifiable excuse for extending your visa?

I would preferably bring a male Taiwanese friend if you have one… I don’t know from personal experience as I didn’t have a Taiwanese girlfriend… this is just my personal opinion.