Why are American politicians that support Taiwan mostly republicans or conservatives?


May be too much cynicism on my part, but here’s a question that imo is related.

Why do Democrats rely so heavily on polls and focus groups in staking out their positions?

In general Democrats are more risk-averse than Republicans - and yes I realize that seems backwards. But hear me out. Ever since George McGovern allowed their clock to be cleaned the Democrats act in ways that avoid losing. They do not go for the win; too much risk.

I think Democrats are acting as they have since 1972, overly cautious. They play not to lose. They stopped playing to win in 1972.


That’s not support. Support is when they actually do something.

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Cuz it’s been that way since the beginning. The Dems always cozied up to the Chicoms.
Carter was a dem wasn’t he?

Think the ROC mainly supported Rep as well.

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Well… I think both parties cozy up to chicoms.

Look back to 2000, the traitor Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress allowed US manufacturing to move to China, allowing China to become stronger. This is really the root of it all.

Bill and Hillary Clinton took “donations” through the Clinton foundation and did favors for China.

The current Republican Senate leader is married to a Chinese woman who has connections to the Chinese government. They’re no better than the Clintons.


That’s great to hear. Still, I wonder if any Democratic Party leaders have publicly voiced support outside of voting in favor for this. I haven’t found any in recent times.


This resolution is non-binding, but the Taiwan Assurance Act, which is binding, was passed as well, and it is pretty much a sure thing that it will also pass in the Senate by a very large margin.


One aspect is that the Republicans are generally closer to the military, which has always been aware of the geo-strategic importance of Taiwan.


It’s the other way around. The military are close to the Republicans.


A large identity politics themed rally for a liberal cause calling for equality under the law for a minority group…while celebrating a poltiical movement whose central theme is bashing liberals, mocking PC and an open disdain for the rule of law.

There is a clear disconnect there.


Taiwan is Asia’s only democracy?

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I didn’t vote for Trump but have a lot of friends who did and I would have no problem doing so in the next election.

None of the people I know are against same-sex marriage unless they are further down the fundamentalist scale of Christianity in their beliefs. Dictating who can and cannot marry isn’t a conservative position and Trump is the first president we’ve had who entered office supporting equality in marriage.

Try harder.


Yeah, good try but I think if you’re in way honest and do some reasearch on who historically has been advocating for LBGT rights and who has been trying to stop it, it’s pretty safe to say the progressive left have been the ones driving it.

Please try harder to get the point next time. This wasn’t discussing Trump’s same sex marriage views. And if you’d consider voting for him this time around based on what you read, I’d suggest re evaluting your own efforts first.


Obama was openly against gay marriage when he assumed office, as was the majority of the American public and, though public opinion polls aren’t so prevalent on this topic, probably the majority of people in the world.

You specifically said that Trump supporters are either against gay marriage or should not be supporting it (your writing was unclear as you ramble from side to side a bit).

Nothing could be further from the truth.


Again, Trump’s views on this specific issue are not what we are talking about.

I suggest going over the voting records of congress people on such matters, and looking into the political affiliations of those endorsing LBGT rights going back to the Pre Trump era. The Trump/Obama contest is not really relevant here.

You’ve missed the point entirely.


Taiwan India Korea Japan all flawed democracies.

A lot of TW supporters will hold it up as an example of the only true democracy in Asia but I should said it like that, you’re right.


Please enlighten me what a real democracy is and where to find it.


I just searched google and there’s lots of articles that address that better than I can.

thanks for the heads up



Freedom House considers Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Mongolia, and Israel (but not Palestine) to be “free” countries in Asia. None of them have perfect scores, though, and the scores they did get could be debated.


Lots of Taiwanese vote in the US and Taiwan elections.


uhhh no we do not
I think you may have misunderstood us for saying the only true democracy of Chinese society (China, Hong Kong, Singapore, TW…)