Why are brunettes so boring?

Blondes have nothing going on between the ears, redheads have too much. So what about us brownheads that are just boring ?
Should I bleach so I can go on a Taiwanese talk show, or should I dye so I can go on a Taiwanese call in show ?
I’m feeling very confused and I need to find my self, or at least the most appropriate hair colour.
I wish Tash was here to advise me…

Why? Because they are not red heads … red haired girls are interesting and hot!

bruny topped tossers

I went through the same existential crisis myself, then in utter and complete clarity I shaved my head.
Now all the old bitches that talk about me in stores and line ups say I must be a drug addict or criminal.

Woe is the day I actually gave a shit.

Fluffer, I think you should go for a skunk like that singer from the Flock of seagulls had, the best of both worlds. If they are going to talk about you, you might as well give them something to talk about.