Why Are Landlords Letting Property Sit Idle Instead of Lowering Rents?


Correct. But buyers don’t want to pay.

It is either that or they have to buy another property in the same value they sold theirs in the next 6 months in the same city. What owner would want to do that ?


They don’t even care about the money, they buy a show-off car and dress like a homeless person, booze on Gaoliang and eat 80 NT$ lunchboxes!


Do some of them buy property overseas to generate better rental cash flow?


No. They buy just to own land. Most stay empty too. The ones I know are ALL like that. Some will rent business units, but residential property overseas stays empty mostly.


The epitome of truth!


It is worse when they rent out. Those are the owners of the decrepit, 20 people to a 25 ping apartment, illegal and unsafe structures fandongs.

The owner of the house dowstairs kicked out his own rent paying first cousin so he could come for a few months ad claim residency in order to receive free medical care from Taiwan NHI, instead of paying out of his own purse in the States. Man is as you described, 50 NTD bientang, flip flops, don´t turn AC in summer, get a bus to the airport won´t fork out for taxi or MRT - bus is free. No w the place is empty, as there are other relatives that can use the address for the same trick…

This is beyond greed.


It’s simply an indication of the current housing bubble.

This youtuber explains it really well in Mandarin


Living large! : P



It annoys me that houses are uneasonably expensive so I won’t/can’t buy, at the same time my rent is fairly cheap so it’s some minor compensation .


Very good explanation, you wouldn’t see it in the media here though.


taiwanese tell me why do i rent? i could buy a house…


I just meant you might start telling people they shouldn’t be allowed to own bikes without ubering them during the “idle” hours, like your take on car ownership, Comrade.

I agree that housing units are quite different from vehicles, though sometimes you get two in one. :flying_saucer:

True that. :wine_glass: