Why are MP3 players so expensive here?

Looking around NOVA and such I’m amazed at how expensive the MP3 players are here compared to NA. (They often seem to be 10-20% higher in price. Anyone have any idea why?
Or, can you actually bargain the price down that low?

Proabably becuase you’re at Nova. Try the little electreonics stores behind the Taipei train station, if you’re in Taipei. Much cheaper, and you can bargain too.

I bought one a few weeks ago, and it was much cheaper than the ones in 3C and Taichi. 4000NT (could have bargained lower except that I payed by credit card) for a tiny little thing with a gig of space and all the functions (crap earphones though, I have to get some new ones).

So shop around.


Do they have the name brna dones like iriver or ipod? looking for a hd based player, not a flash.

there are the import taxes.

I tried the iRiver iPod mini competitor. It had the 1.0 firmware, such a bad interface.