Why are we complaining?

Western people are a bunch of pussies! Plain and simple.

For example:

Taiwan is a great place for getting away with anything on the road. Remember when you were a juvenile and wanted to speed, park anywhere, drive on the sidewalks and cut everyone off because YOU are the most important person on the road?

Well, you can do that here in Taiwan! You can even drive blindfolded and nobody will notice! And for the most part, my experience has been that even the police don’t want anything to do with white western people. :noway:

You can make as much noise as you want and other people don’t give a damn. Heck, leave your door open and let your kids run wild in the hallways (like at my apartment). Really, your neighbors will actually encourage you to do this. Also make as much noise as you can opening and closing those flimsy metal screen doors. The middle of the night or first thing in the morning seems to be the best time for this activity.

And I ask you; where else in the world can you get a job simply by being a native English speaker? (okay, Japan, Korea, Europe and Southeast Asia notwithstanding).

Hmmmm…what else? :slight_smile:

You can be the center of attention here in Taiwan if you’re not Asian and you look slightly confused (especially if you’re an extrovert to begin with). Why, I just love it when people stare at me as if I’m a movie star when I’m shopping for a pair of slippers; eating; sitting in the park; paying for something; trying to figure out the train schedule and the train I’m supposed to be on; doing ANYTHING in public with my girl. It’s great to have the eyes of the masses watch your every move! :notworthy:

Forget about the cheap food, beautiful women, cheap housing and the sites and culture of Taiwan. Boring!

Call it an ephiphany but I’m wondering what the heck I was thinking every time I complained about ANYTHING in Taiwan,

I’m just glad I can be here and do all of those things that in my country you’d be hung upside down for, swingin’ by your peepee! :astonished:

Were complaining because mankind is never satisfied with what it has and things could always be better… :wink:

It’s human beings nature to complain. I think we can be living at the best place in the whole wild world, we would still complain, don’t ya think??!!

Foreigners to get all ther perks in Taiwan, I must say, you guys got it ALL

Well I ain’t complaining about shit. At least not about anything I wouldn’t complain about back in NZ.

If you considered the victims of your selfishness you would know why people are complaining. I wonder if I should remove this thread for being a troll or is he really that stupid ? Or is my sarcasm meter broken ? :ponder:

does forumosa have an age check?

For a related laugh…

rank.blogspot.com/2005/03/new-bl … -post.html

I think Richardm has a working sarcasm meter in his sig. At least he had one yesterday. You need to use it. I think.

Complaining wraps me in the warmth of smug superiority. Considering that nobody in this blasted country has internal heating and it’s winter, I’ll take whatever heat I can get.

I whinge because I’m not in the pub.

That may well be, but the sidewalks here suck!

Also, the only way I can find my old posts is to put in a new one
and then click on my name!

[quote=“Feiren”]For a related laugh…

rank.blogspot.com/2005/03/new-bl … -post.html[/quote]

I like this. :sunglasses:

But the writer was much more sophisticated and focused in his approach than I was with my sarcastic verbal vomit in the OP.

We complain because life has 2 sides to it and sometimes it’s nessary to acknowledge it.

[quote=“wonder”][quote=“Feiren”]For a related laugh…

rank.blogspot.com/2005/03/new-bl … -post.html[/quote]

I like this. :sunglasses:

But the writer was much more sophisticated and focused in his approach than I was with my sarcastic verbal vomit in the OP.[/quote]

Sometimes diarrhea of the mouth is a healthy exercise in mental health.

Now if those good fellows over at IP would stop taking Ex-lax, we wouldn’t have to wear our rubbers when entering that Love Canal :wink:

I complain, therefore I am. If I were not complaining, I might be doing something productive (perish the tought) and god knows, THAT would upset the balance of the heavens to the extent that it might cause an asteroid to crash into the earth, thereby giving me something even BIGGER to complain about…

:smiley: :smiley: