Why are you/are you not vegetarian?

There are different vows you can take to reflect the level of commitment in most religions. Like you can still be a Christian without taking the vow of celibacy.

Interesting. I always assumed it was just a single vow made during baptism, to follow all the same set of commandments for life.

Actually vegetarianism was originally a vow only required for the monks. It was then picked up by believers I guess because it wasn’t that hard to do.

The reason I’m not a vegetarian is I have social anxiety, and part of being a veggie is loudly announcing you are whenever you meet someone new.

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False. Not all vegetarians are like religious people spouting their faith outlook and trying to be psuedo missionaries collecting souls. Many get along doing it all by themselves, like adults, without needing to say anything outside of if they can’t eat something (like a perskn with a food alergy) :wink:

Just a joke. Tough crowd.


I know. But there may be thousands of readers that don’t register here. Just inserting some additional input for a balance. I was also being pretty facetious :slight_smile:

Anyone ever been on a wild boar hunt? Used to be head hunting was a thing as well. One of the best things to you can ever eat is wild boar as you strip hot meat and crackling off. So delicious. Lots of countries like USA Australia you can go hunting feral pigs.


I love a good pig hunt. What’s with their getup ? Wedding? Always a good time when community gets together for a show!

I’m veggie, but can eat ethical meat. By definition, that means I avoid trapping which is pretty cruel. Not factory farm cruel, but nearing that level if only due to lack of scale.

My only issue here with hunting is hunters are usually quite unintelligent. They don’t go for males only, they love a female and take the babies to raise in a cage (enter factory farming style cruelty). Plus the bisque of taking many other species secretly to sell, especially for the TCM trade.

For those reasons, I don’t really support it in a Restaraunt as it’s almost always morally corrupt just like factory farmed, albiet different shades of black. I understand their stories sound great, however. If i go with people and can check what else they are paoching, I am all game. Wild meat is far less fatty and gross, has a good chew and is frigging delicious!

The hunting industry here is nothing compared to the US feral pig situation. Different species, one is native, one is invasive etc etc. In the US, killing them is a conservation/ecological issue. Here it’s a poaching issue. But they are common enough in Taiwan, unlike other poached species. Probably only the rats and iguanas compare to the feral hog issue in the US. Albiet on far lesser scale.

Wild boar here is great. Just need to get hunters and trappers to have more sustainability and morals involved. Rarely the case. The few that do, great :slight_smile:

As an aside, what’s your favorite style for cooking? Underground and a spit BBQ are really good, but honestly I love a good thick cast iron.

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Some hunts are for the Warriors Ritual which is not a show. It’s where young men are initiated into the tribe. Every year we have Homeyaya which is where you prepare food at your home… and for a couple of days you spend time all the other villagers homes getting to do meet and greet again. Again this isn’t for tourists.

My own initiation was a wee bit brutal but I was young and could recover. :rofl:

Much also depends on the wood used. Cherry Tree wood has a wonderful aroma. Don’t do the buried pit here. This was for my sons wedding at my place he had around 20 people from Australia stay at our place.

They had never had wild boar before either. Was a really good night actually.


Ya, it’s a show :wink: tourism isn’t important lol. That’s why I was asking, your photo of the unters is of a dress ware that no hunter would ever wear on a regular hunt. unless for a show. Super interesting and amazing how diffiferent cultures express their different needs to show off during what are otherwise normal activities. The taiwanese garb is really quite pretty!

Is cherry easy to get here? I guess plum in general is pretty decent, never tried it. Acacia and longan seems the standard amongst us mortals. Would be interesting to try the cherry/plum types.

Either way, as long as the animals are killed quick and without pain (and conservation etc isnt an issue) it seems fine to me. So long as I don’t need to wear uncomfortable black textiles nor head feathers or other head dress attire!

Food is food once it is humanely sourced :slight_smile:

lol I love this claim. I’m sure an animal that does not want to die and fights to live is so happy its being slaughtered humanely. To me that is a load of crock.

During the Warriors Ritual a wild boar has to be pierced by the blades of warriors. Now if you haven’t heard the squealing of an animal being cut with many blades you may say it was humanely done.

The blades need to have the blood of the wild boar on them. I would upload a video where the boar is pierced and you can hear it screaming but it may be too much for some to see and hear.


Do they make good bacon slices?

Can’t say. BBQ just makes nice eating and it’s all finished same day it is cooked.

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You’re right, it is a crock of shit. Hence why so many of us choose not to eat them. But I wouldn’t mind getting a word that is more accurate in the sense of “instant death, no pain sensed”

That’s what I was going for. Although I agree with your point. all these warriors, farmers, businesses, hunters are quite full of shit. Torturing species other than their own for petty reasons :slight_smile: it’s why hunting > trapping. Bow, spear etc hunting also stupid in 2024. It’s for ego, without a care in the world for the respect of the animal.

We all eat. We can take that as fact and thus take it as animals will die. Including the human animal species. However, us with our holier than though brains, should be able to justify our intelligence and superiority by, at minimum, reducing suffering to basically the time it takes the brain to realize the heart has stopped in terms of the preys’ suffering.

Arguably humane could mean human like, which is cringey. Truthfully I don’t know the word to describe the above. Hopefully you or someone could inform me :slight_smile: not sarcasm, genuinely want to know a better word. As “humane” is so insanely self gratifying it’s, kind of absurd.

As an aside, we use the same blades. I slit boars throats too. It’s a way. Im not sure its the best way in the wild as they need to be maimed or trapped first. If not a farmed animal. No human is fucking with a free wild pig one on one lol. But not cool if trapped, and not if the babies are then kept in pens and raised for slaughter once plump and basically the same as factory farmed (outside of where they were borne and how they were placed in a cage). It’s just a lie at that point. Slit a throat of a shot and dead pig, all day. Whatever the silly ceremonial reasons we tell each other are, doesn’t matter once it’s dead. Just end the suffering right away. Then have your foreplay after :hugs:

No. Normally pigs are fed loads of sugars and chemicals to fatten up for a fattier cut which bacon tends to be now. Plus some fake smoke flavoring and preservatives. This is basically factory raised crap pork, even though yummy. True wild pigs are lean and muscular. There is some fat, but nothing at all what you expect at a grocery store or restaraunt. Personally I find that type of meat (wild) far superior. But people that want soft fatty oily retard pork, don’t bother with wild hog much haha.

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Yup thousands of years of history of tribes fighting with other tribes. Still goes on today just on a grander scale. I’m sure the Romans and Alexander the Great and Attila the Hun all had their conquests of other men for one reason or another.

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Well, at least we agree how retarded people are :slight_smile: One of the main unifying aspects of our animalia species’ cultural differences: We are good at justifying our selfishishness. Those head hunters are no less selfish and retarded than today’s factory farmers or “warriors” running through the (deforested) jungle in psuedo skirts and head feathers :melting_face:

pretty cringey ways of life, to be honest. I’m sure the people that value non-human animal life love this conversation (ie. Vegans) upside_down_face: but hey, the aboriginal folks in Taiwan have indeed evolved quite a lot. No more head hunting. Truly an evolution worth celebrating. The Han have evolved too, no more political prisoners. And so it goes. All in all, we are better than before. But still quite disgusting. At least it’s a positive progression :slight_smile:

Except the temples with force fed k ese pigs on a spit. That’s even harder to justify than ourbusual intentional torture of someone other than ourselves. :roll_eyes:

Good thing is I like to go shark diving.