Why are you leaving Taiwan?

I recall reading a note written by one LittleMissFlip, that she has decided not to extend her contract for the coming year… I remember that she has some especial skill, which isn’t easy to niche… So she wants to go home. I wonder why she is leaving?

When you decide to leave, where will you go? What will you plan to do when you leave?

As for myself, I plan to go to some tropical place and live peacefully, and write a few novels at a leisurely pace… But when I leave, I guess it will just be a compelling sense of high tide – that inevitable thirst for refreshed love… I wonder when I’ll go? I don’t know…

Tell your story, I’m sure that we’ll find it interesting…


Originally posted by popo: As for myself, I plan to go to some tropical place and live peacefully, and write a few novels at a leisurely pace...

I hope you have a good editor, ernie.

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I hope you have a good editor, ernie.

Does anyone else find it rude when people ‘out’ others on this board by using their real names?

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Does anyone else find it rude when people ‘out’ others on this board by using their real names?

I certainly do, Frank. But I thought you were out of the closet already, no?

When am I leaving Taiwan? mmm good question, probably when I’ve got enough money to open a chain of ‘amosburger’ stores back home. The amosburger will contain a chicken fillet with beetroot, cheese, chips (french fries, but thicker), tomato and luttuce wedged between a nice fresh roll. mmmm

Sorry, the question was why? not when?, ah doesn’t matter, I’m not leaving, mmmmmmmm hungry.

“Alien,” is your name an anagram or something, honey? Anile? Liane? Where are you? (You didn’t like what I wrote about abortions? Well, I did have to edit it myself a few times to get it unstrung.)

Anyway, I’m my only editor… I find my friends mostly good for companionship, cooking and the occasional sunday morning in bed… I have to do all the rest of the art work by myself, honey… You want a job? Be my guest. I can give you a whole lot of stuff; actually, you can try to edit it, but it won’t do you any good: I just let it gestate for a few years if it’s too difficult…

But friends are more fun right now, over the weekend… Some young ladies are chasing me, darling. There’s your plot: leaving one man for another – and you have to get the next one quickly – no waiting allowed. Understand? Go out and get laid, sweetie. Do yourself a favor.

I’m always leaving one girl for a new woman. It feels good to be free.

They love you too much, I’m sure…


Why littlemissflip is Leaving Taiwan
By littlemissflip

My background is in ecology, specifically habitat conservation and plant community restoration. I did not come to Taiwan expecting to find fabulous ecology job opportunities (they are difficult to come by in any country), but my boyfriend (born in Taiwan, grew up in the U.S.) wanted to live in Taiwan and improve his Chinese, so I decided to go along for the adventure. I had always wanted to live outside the U.S., and though Taiwan was nowhere near the top of my list, I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to go SOMEWHERE. I figured if I could find an ecology job here, great, but if not, I’d leave after a few months and seek work elsewhere.

I interviewed (which basically entailed my potential employers establishing that I was a native speaker and then eagerly asking me to start the next day) at two research institutes here in Taipei. The jobs at each were supposed to involve part-time English editing work and part-time research. I chose the position with slightly higher pay (still less than NT$ 30,000/month–the typical starting wages for Taiwanese university graduates in ecology–yikes!), more prestige (it’s “famous”!), and what I thought would be a better opportunity to gain experience in my areas of interest. But alas, once I started the job, I found there were few research opportunities for me, especially with my extremely limited Chinese. I suppose it shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but I was most valuable to my employers for my native English ability, not for my ecology skills, which their students and employees already had (with the added bonus of being able to communicate in Chinese). Despite the abysmally low pay, the job was a fairly cushy way to legally stay in Taiwan in some respects–long lunch breaks, light work load, low pressure–but I get really bored in jobs like that. I tried finding other ecology work in Taiwan, but the best I could come up with was a volunteer position that, due to scheduling conflicts, didn’t work out. I endured for nearly nine months, but can’t stand being stuck at a desk editing and processing research papers anymore–I want to be out there in the field DOING research. So that’s why I decided to leave Taiwan.

I will be returning to the US to visit my family and take care of some graduate school application business, and then I will be applying for ecology positions anywhere I feel like going…perhaps Australia or New Zealand…or South America…and then attending graduate school back in the States sometime in the next couple of years.

I expected to hate Taiwan, and for the first four months or so, I pretty much did. But I have since grown to really enjoy my life and friends and my Chinese classes here, and it was a very difficult decision to leave (especially because my boyfriend is staying here). I wish I could find a fulfilling job for myself here, so that I could continue traveling and experiencing all that this region has to offer, but if I had to continue doing dull office-work for the next year and a half, I’d go absolutely nuts! So to preserve my already questionable sanity, I will be leaving Taiwan in a week and a half. I’ll come back and visit though!

And that is the story of why littlemissflip is leaving this crazy little place called Taiwan. Thank you, thank you very much…

Yes, thanks, Little Miss…

I have not been working well this morning at my office job, so I know how it feels to go nuts at it, too…

Good luck finding a field research spot, Little Miss ! What is your favorite? I personally want to do the turtles in Sri Lanka… what about you?

( beepbeep, pull up to the bumper baby! Check this out. )

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I hope you have a good editor

Tee hee…

Actually I find the stream of conciousness posts amusing… sort of like James Joyce if he had smoked lots of chronic

I am leaving because I fear more and more for the safety of people who cut me off in traffic or as a pedestrian. I have lost my last vestiges of tolerance for Taiwanese public etiquette.


I’m leaving to open my very own chiu tofu business. It’s going to be a world wide franchize. I have plans for stalls and bicycle delivery through out the western world.

My slogan:

It’s not under your shoe or in a bed pan,
It’s better than spam but it’s not in a can,
It smells just like George Bush and his mates,
That’s right pal! It’s that sh#t in your plate.

Well get in line, pal, I’ve had plans for my own worldwide Chou Doufu empire (canned product) since 1995, and my students can prove it! Or maybe we can come up with a strategic alliance? Your firm seems to have considerable expertise in advertising!!


How about some nice fresh durian slices on a side plate? With a piece of limburger cheese, perhaps?

Or hey - how about durian and chou doufu milkshake !? Yummy at room temperature !

I see a bright future. All we need to do is get a consortium together and can the stuff. I see flip tops with those little pull rings. Yep. Yummy.

Do you think we can unload some of that orangey-reddish-pinkish sauce they slather on things at the “salty fry” stands? Hey, if Paul Newman can sell salad dressing, I see no limits to our earning power.


im thinking of bring beetle nut culture back to the states…the goth kids will love the bloody red teeth!