Why aren't Chinese spies given the death penalty? Why are they only given four years and deported so they can give their intel to China?

They were sentence to 5 push ups each a 150NTD fine and an apology to never spy for China again or face double that in the future.


There used to be stern warning signs on the highway north out of Taitung against taking pictures of the airbase or the highway or even the beach in the opposite direction, Of course you could go up the mountain road behind it, and have the whole base spread out in full view in front of you (and no signs)…

Because China is not a declared (by Taiwan) enemy. Taiwan has billions invested in China, China accounts for 25% of trade with Taiwan- almost a third if you include HK- and about 400,000 Taiwanese live there, all of which provides huge hostage opportunities for China if Taiwan goes beyond what China considers too far.

There may be gentleman’s agreement between Taiwan and China on spying. Taiwan doesn’t execute Chinese spies and China will not do the same to Taiwanese spies either.

It’s a form of diplomatic immunity.

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Good deal.

Until the one of them decide it is not. Usually it is the strongest/largest bear. I hope peace is kept and they continue fighting a verbal fight instead really going down to it.

Like how America used to put them on the electric chair?