Why bounties don't work

Hopefully this will get sorted.

Bounties work, but the problem with the taiwanese culture becoming more and more psychopathic is a very real and very frightening situation that needs to be addressed ASAP, independantly from iguana invasiveness…

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What is wrong with killing them? The “blowing them up with firecrackers” is a little obnoxious, but the animal rights crackpots aren’t limiting their whining to just that, they’re also going after the “kill them with slingshots and bows and arrows” deaths. Are the animal rights crackpots going to give all the iguanas nice homes to live in until they die of old age?

What if I told you that an option existed between having them die of old age and killing them in the most horrific manner possible?


sounds delicious

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There are many examples of bounties on animals being counterproductive.

Why is there no rat bounty?

I’m surprised no one decided to just have a iguana farm and turn them in for cash.

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If I were a cynical businessman I’d breed lots of them in captivity and then kill them and claim the bounty.

EDIT: @Andrew0409 beat me to the obvious.

The article actually mentions that happening.


Rat bounties wont work due to their life cycle. They breed too fast and live in too many habitats that even the KMT doesnt have enough money for that bounty. Instead they give out free rat poison annually and kill off untold amounts of other species in the process.

Iguana bounties work due to a much slower reproduction rate and an inability to escape detection like a rat. Its only a problem because so many people have been keeping them in their gardens etc for so long. Iguanas will be a relatively easy eradication, unlike african land snails, cockroaches or rats.

@BiggusDickus there are many examples. But for this species it will work. Or, it will help the final goal if they are aggressive enough before they spread all through the mountians like skinks, its still possible.

Kill them and even eat them. I am an animal rights supporter and I love reptiles. So people shouldnt shit on that. They are right, however the ultra vegan peta types take it a step further. But iguanas dont belong here. they deserve a quick death, not torture…Blowing any animal up with fireworks is a clear sign a person is mentally ill, and this is shockingly common here. That should be a serious worry for anyone living here, unless mother decapitation is considered a net positive for a country as related lack of empathy becomes more common place.


What if I told you that the animal rights nutjobs don’t differentiate between painlessly euthanizing them with nitrogen asphyxiation and slowly feeding them into woodchippers tail-first to videotape their screams?

Agreed, but the animal rights wackos in the article were complaining just as much about using slingshots and bows-and-arrows as they were about the fireworks. No differentiation whatsoever. What exactly is “acceptable” to these lizard-huggers when attempting to protect the native wildlife?

I am an animal rights activist and a lizard wacko and can tell you that the extremists are just that…dont let it take away the moral reasons for not torturing animals…

People dont need to be so divided, common sense generally rules the day better. Kill the lizards humanely, end of story. Arrest the psychos blowing them up as they clearly have sever mental issues and ought to be righted.


Where I live in the countryside you’re are scores of bored guys driving around on their motorcycles just looking for something to do. Some of them catch turtles…some catch pheasants…some catch deer…some catch protected species. When these guys are after wild pigs I swear they spend more on fireworks trying to round the pigs up in the mountains they they make catching them. My point is there are too many bored guys eithno jobs…blowing up iguanas seems right up their alley.

No, they drive around on motorcycles shooting blindly at shit and trapping everything cause they do make money at it. Aboriginals here are no better than the han when it comes to environment. They normally sell it in restaraunts or to chinese .medicine shops. Like, a lot. But the golden rule in taiwan is the producer gets shit and the 50 middlemen make everyhing while the customer pays out the ass. Its the genetically ingrained way of the han.

Yes, seems money to be made by “professional” trapping all of these animals and birds. The Han and Aboriginals are a problem near us…seems very hard to stop the Aboriginals from what government guys tell us…as laws are being loosened so much for them. As for Han guys…we were told local officials know most of the constant offenders. Seems hard to catch them and when caught not much done.

We also have tree cutters in the hills near us.

The only way is lengthy jail terms and loss of assets. But the gov doesnt actually care.

For large trees they can actually dna test them, and have done so.