Why cant be the english teacher in taiwan?

Hi, someone who can help me

Am thai gril and also looking for a job in tainan and would like to be the english teacher. I have B.C degree in Thailand. I can speak English as american accent. I love kids and wnat to teaching with them .Becaurse of I have Thai nationality??? That 's not fair … Anyone can help me what should I do???You can reach me at nalinthip_p@hotmail.com pls someone helps


Be gentle people, be gentle.

Personally, I don’t think that your ethnicity should play a big part to any decent school if you can prove to them that you are just as competent in the English language as any other job candidate (yes, American English speakers included). But the world ain’t perfect, is it?

This has got to be a troll.

If it’s not :shock: :shock: :shock:

Then :shock: :shock: :shock:, bassman because the IP addresses for the first three posts (presumably when still in Bangkok) are all from Bangkok. I know, I smelled something fishy too so I followed the scent and it seems legit.

Oy, while nationality might be a factor, I don’t think it’s the main thing that is keeping you from getting a job teaching English. Surely, there must be something else that makes a school hesitant to hire you. What did your resume look like? How did you present yourself in the interview?

Can you see what the problem might have been?


Did you write your resume yourself?

This may be the first thread that answers itself in its title.

You might have to consider another profession if you want to work in Taiwan…

um… just curious: what’s a “celloist?”

Shall I assume that you DID choose the right profession (the cello over English?) :mrgreen:

[quote=“scooter”]um… just curious: what’s a “celloist?”

Shall I assume that you DID choose the right profession (the cello over English?) :mrgreen:[/quote]

cellist= a cello player
celloist= a cello owner, he he he!

Pardon me, I am not a native English speaker, you don’t expect me to know every word do you?

[quote=“Celloist”][quote=“scooter”]um… just curious: what’s a “celloist?”

Shall I assume that you DID choose the right profession (the cello over English?) :mrgreen:[/quote]

Pardon me, … :laughing:[/quote]

better now?

Not all people in Sweden speak English as well as you do…

Oy, oy, oy.

Oy då! Det var inte så kul här…

i have know filipinas who taught kindergarten here. they were brought in for other work. then their “guardians” hear how nice their english is and the next thing you know, the grapevine gets going and the girl who thought she was gonna be on bedpan duty for three years finds herself teaching english. good work if you can get it.

isn’t there a market for english teachers in thailand?

best wishes.

[quote=“skeptic yank”]

isn’t there a market for English teachers in Thailand?

best wishes.[/quote]

The reason why Oy plans to work in Taiwan could be because that the salary is comparitively much higher in Taiwan. Most people who are hired from South East Asia (such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand or Vietnam) can only do jobs like caretakers for the old or the sick or working in factories. I’ve heard that some of them have bachelor’s degrees but could find no jobs in their own countries.

Perhaps, then, she could teach Thai instead of English. I’m sure there’s a market for a native Thai speaker, somewhere - lots of Taiwanese do business with or go on holiday to Thailand. Here’s an idea - why don’t you head over to Chengkung University in Tainan and put up a notice on the bulletin board in the foreign language department that you’re available for tutoring Thai. You might pick up some privates that way.

Well you may be able to teach kindie but forget about anyone else. That’s about as nice as I can put it.

Oy, although I still suspect a troll here, I will answer your question.
I wouldn’t consider a bias on nationality as far as English teaching in Taiwan is concerned. What I see is that people want native English speakers. That in itself does not make someone a good teacher but it does mean that English is their first language. If a school wanted a teacher that isn’t a native speaker then there are many Taiwanese that could do the job. The only thing most Taiwanese aren’t capable of is being a “native speaker” of English.

In my opinion, it is evident, now I will be honest here, from your writing that you are not a native speaker of English and have many errors that many English students in Taiwan would not make. Sorry, but that is the truth.

Following an IP is not proof. If you follow my Hinet Ip it sometimes says that I am in Australia. I don’t use a proxy and this still happens. So, either Oy is for real, using a proxy server for a really silly prank, or there is something wrong with IP tracing. Hexuan???

I dunno. I’m not a mod anymore so I don’t have the IP button on my page, but if it says Bangkok, then it must be Bangkok. It’s just a Whois lookup, as far as I know. It could be a proxy server in Bangkok I suppose.

oops, I thought you were in Thailand not Vietnam. So, I was pointing the finger at you, in a very mild kind of way :laughing: :wink: