Why can't I find it in the news?

Hello people,

A very reliable friend told me of a a very serious fight at Taichung 1st Square on Sunday (near the train station).

From what he told me this was very ‘news worthy’. However, I have searched and searched the on-line news, but found nothing. :s

I would very much like to follow this story, but its as if it never happened.

Does anyone know of this event?
Does anyone have any links to the news coverage?
Does anyone know why there are apparently no news reports?

Thanks in advance.

Maybe because no-one let the media know or maybe because Taiwanese and white foreigners weren’t involved. I’m guessing it was between other foreign labourers due to the location and day of the week. Put google translate to work and search the Thai/Indonesian/Vietnamese and Philipino equivalents of this form.

Your guess is accurate.
Even though, I am very surprised this is so difficult to find.

I’m pretty sure the media would have been informed at some point.

Thanks for the good suggestion about searching foreign sites.
Not sure how to go about that, though…

Most newspapers and TV stations reported on it today. Ask fr a translation if you can’t read it.

udn.com/NEWS/BREAKINGNEWS/BREAKI … 4451.shtml

Thank you for the link.

I really hate Google translate, but better than not understanding anything!

The article didn’t really do the event justice.
(and that’s not just a translation issue)

Still can’t find anything about this in the on-line English newspapers.
I’m generally not a conspiracy theorist, but it seems as if their is an unusual silence about this.

Thanks again for your help.

Maybe it’ll turn up tomorrow. A lot of events make the English news a day or so after the Chinese news.

No bignoses involved = No news

Hey now, this was only a massive brawl at a train station, but if it happened to be a few 20 something whities being noisy on a commuter train on a summer weekend, it would be splashed all over the front and back pages of every newspaper.

Priorities people, stick to the talking points, we are put out by whitey being here and want to keep it silent about brownie being here.

Actually most of the media have been concentrating on the military case in Taoyuan.

There was another very serious case last week of an 8 year old girl sexually abused and murdered in a heinous manner in Taoyuan, I’m not sure how much media attention that got either.

I have also mentioned previously about other very serious crimes that have got very little media exposure.


Still can’t find anything about this in the on-line English newspapers.
I’m generally not a conspiracy theorist, but it seems as if their is an unusual silence about this.

Thanks again for your help.[/quote]

Not unusual at all. The English media rarely reports on crimes and other local news that one might be interested in. Strictly politics.

Thanks for all the feedback.

Maybe if I started up a newspaper that reported on all the unreported stuff, I might just find a niche.

Gang produce clubs to pound one guy. (obviously some kind of gang vendetta)
Said guy produces machete.
Other guy produces machete.
Two guys hack away at each each other with machetes in one of the most crowded parts of the city in front of hundreds of bystanders.
One guy ends up in ICU.
And I can’t find it in the news???

There may be quite a lot of these machete vs machete and other gang related attacks that don’t get reported.

I know of at least one other machete vs machete duel that almost happened and was not on the news anywhere.

I have several friends who were eye-witnesses.
They said that one of the guys almost severed the other guys head.
(Took a swipe at him on the ground and missed, but apparently snipped the back of his neck.)
Guy still standing flees.
Guy on ground makes chase.
Guy chasing collapses and remains on ground bleeding until ambulance arrives.

How does this go unreported?

I have a lot of foreign laboorer friends and I am interested to follow this story.
But apparently there isn’t one…

Maybe because the average Taiwanese viewer would just think “Of course they do this kind of things! They have dark skins and they’re from poorer countries. What do you expect?”

A lot of important news is simply not considered main stream enough. They would do a whole report on Jolin getting her nail done, but that poor 8 year old girl being murdered seems to have not even happened.

Taiwan news is like US news, largely all on a small number of topics only.

What eight year old? :2cents: