Why can't you delete your own posts or comments on this site?

I haven’t been on Forumosa in a while since I’ve been surfing on Reddit. I’m not sure why here I can’t delete my own posts or comments here. :thinking:

We’re forced to own our words after like 24 hours if I’m not mistaken. So, you can edit or delete a post during a suitable sobering up/grace period maybe? :idunno:


So after 24 hours, your comment/post cant be edited? Dang that sucks. I’ve had this account for a while and I had no idea. I’ve been inactive for like 6 months though heh

As far as I understand, you can ask the admins to delete it temp your post under certain circumstances. But that seems to be an exceptional thing, not often practiced.


Had you hoped to edit something you previously wrote?

If you ask them, are the chances they’ll respond or say yes low?

It may depend on the contribution to the site.
If nobody replied to it, then it may have a better chance to be removed.

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How? :thinking:
So only mods can delete it? Hm.

yup, only mods or maybe only admins


At least I know it’s possible but unless I really wanna delete something, I should just leave it be.

The problem is people go back and edit their posts mid argument. So it gets very annoying if you’re having a he said she said type back and forth.


If there’s a good reason, it’s high. If it’s going to disrupt threads for little reason, it’s low.


So how can a post be deleted within these 24 hours, please?

It can’t be deleted, only edited.


Can you imagine if we could delete posts willy nilly?

This place would look like reddit.

Comment deleted by user.


To bad, everything you posted over the years is searchable on the internet!

Just click on “edit post”

I believe it’s the little pen at the bottom of a new post.

edit: yeah…it is.

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That would be great. I delete all my reddit posts after a week so people can’t dig up unrelated posts and be like “whoah you post in /r/mlp /r/the_donald and /r/braincels, your argument is invalidated!” (hypothetical example)

So, no consistency is the way to go huh?


I disagree. One of the best things about forumosa is that threads remain coherent - there’s a great archive here, and conversations that can be picked up again months or years later. If people were randomly deleting their old posts, a lot of that archive would be effectively broken. It’d be like ripping every second page out of a book.