Why chancelor Schroeder was better

See, that wouldn’t have happened with our old chancelor.

BTW, what is he packing, regular or king size… :smiley:

Source: Spiegel.de

Angela just gets all tingly when he touches her. Check for wet spots on the chair… :smiling_imp:

The German people are eager for sacrifices to improve cross atlantic relations and prepared their mind for a more intimate relationship with US.

if he only wouldn’t poke her so hard in the back…

[she saw a lot of Western Movies so she quickly raised her arms…] :stuck_out_tongue:

Wunderbar. Ach. Bob Honest, you are merely trying to make me glucklich by starting another thread on Schroeder just to give me a toy to play with. Ach. I am almost wehmutlich for the good old days of complaining about Schroeder and Fischer but ah, jetzt ist besser, no?

Right, thought of you immediately seeing this.

Couldn’t get Fischer in though.

Isn’t he a Kindergarten teacher in Taichung by now?

Bush can take Merkel back home with him for all that I care.

Princeton occupied Taichung?!! :astonished:

“give me your weak and your tired …” :smiley:

Is he giving her a massage, or trying to strangle her? And what the Hell is that thing in the middle of the table?

The nuclear missile launch button?

The nuclear missile launch button?[/quote]

Well, it is a pool of flowers swimming in water and an invisible Chinese secret camera in the middle, broadcasting directly to Peking.

Psssst… nobody ever noticed that one…