Why China is a problem to Taiwan and Tibet

I hate China, but I have to point out that I like Chinese people. Chinese guys are some of the friendliest people I know and Chinese girls are hot! But I have a problem with the PRC.

The PRC was established as a communist country by Mao Tse-Tung, who liberals tend to sympathize with. Today, it has abandoned most of its former Marxist ideology, so now it is really capitalist in a way. But it keeps the worst of both worlds by combining capitalism with the evil repression typical of communist countries.

Also, China represses political dissent and censors the media In fact, I am priviledge to have the right to write this here. In the PRC, I wouldn’t be able to write this because they canspy on me and possibly track arrest me. Even the Far East Economic Review which is like the Economist for Asia is only available in the SARs (Hong Kong and maybe Macao) but not in the rest of the PRC. Police arbitrarily crack down on free speach.

The administration continues to coddle China, despite its continuing crackdown on democratic reform, its brutal subjugation of Tibet, its irresponsible exports of nuclear and missile technology, its support for the homicidal Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and its abusive trade practices. Such forbearance on our part might have made sense during the Cold War when China was the counterweight to Soviet power. It makes no sense to play the China card now when our opponents have thrown in their hand. … We have every right to condition our foreign aid and debt-relief policies on demonstrable progress toward democracy and market reforms, and in extreme cases, such as that of China, we should condition favorable trade terms on political liberalization and responsible international conduct
worldnetdaily.com/news/artic … E_ID=14355[/quote]

If this isn’t enough to boil your blood, imagine what happens when China invades free Taiwan

Oh my God what have you done!?!?

Done what?

sorry, that was a bit tongue in cheek – critism of chinese censorship, any characterization of chinese people, good or bad, references to the Chinese governments policy of control, etc, tend to spark big long arguments among some of the members – though i see so far this one hasn’t


Did you know Hitler was evil? EVIL, I say! :wink:

Pol Pot was a bad, bad man too. It’s really shocking!

Come on, Purple, I don’t think the people here are disagreeing with you, its just, they’ve heard it a million times. I suppose they expected something new or supremely deep that no one else have thought about it before.

For what its worth, its not like China has improved or changed its human rights since Tianamen, so something new is a stretch for China, I suppose.

Weather the storm PSL…think of it as a r i t e of passage.

TC is a evil cult. :smiling_imp: