Why choose to work and settle in taiwan?


Well, I wouldn’t go that far–in fact I already kind of regret my previous post–but anyway, I’d better shut up. :slight_smile:

Interesting video clip, though.

Oh, one more thing to the rest of y’all: I “liked” Tempo Gain’s post because of the clip, and because I believe his comment about Gain being a self-loathing Taiwanese was a joke, rather than an actual assertion. I say this because in the past, at least two of Tempo Gain’s jokes have been misinterpreted.

And now I will try very hard to shut up. :slight_smile:


For me, I feel comfortable here. It’s easy for me to find a job in my field. My Taiwanese wife is a housewife and she takes care of everything related to, well, the house: our kids, house repairs (getting someone to come in and fix things, that is), ARCs, big purchases, etc. It’s a real division of labor and it just wouldn’t work out that way in the US (I would have to do many things). Things are relatively cheap (eating out, getting stuff in the house fixed, insurance, seeing the doctor). My kids do fine here. Our daughter is now in an American school (not TAS- something much cheaper), but I know some expats that keep their kids in the local school system and they do fine. We can sign them up for piano lessons, various activities at the local sports center, etc., and we can afford it all. Again, I’m just very comfortable. I feel it’s an easy life here.

I would have to make much more in the US to live with the same standard of living. When I say “US,” I really mean somewhere like LA because my wife would be happiest in places that have a large population of Asians. I also seem to like these places more than other areas of the US now (I’m half Asian and I like a bit of diversity).


Yes I am.

It was just an example. I’m pretty sure that NZ has a way smaller number of traffic fatality rate than Taiwan does. If that offends you then let’s make it Japan or Switzerland.

Also I didn’t mean that no one commits suicide in other countries either. I mean had I lost everything like that father did, I would probably kill myself.


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I tongue-in-cheek said Hsinchu is arguably one of the most boring cities in Asia. After living in Hsinchu for 18 years I would never characterise the place as exciting, satisfying yes, but exciting? Not so likely.


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I’ll bite. What’s satisfying about living in Hsinchu city?

I had a chance to move to Hsinchu city a couple of times and both times backed out. I could have done a year or two there I reckon.

It hardly even deserves title of city…more like town with other towns and industrial parks and residential areas attached to it. The road system in Hsinchu drives me absolutely bananas and that’s saying something for Taiwan.
The lack of public transport options in the city makes it really sucky to commute around along with the awful access to the science park.

The lack of parking on weekends also drove me insane…every weekend all the car parks would be full with big queues going into them.

A few years ago it’s only modern shopping mall in the city was half abandoned but I believe they reopened it again.

There’s a couple of redeveloped areas that are okay, where the carrefour /RT mart is I guess.

The little zoo is kind of cool.

The riverside area in the center ain’t too bad a walk.

There used to be a bunch of expats hangouts and bars but my impression is they died out over the years.

Other than I’m struggling here.


and which field are you in?


I work in intellectual property. I work for a local company (not here on an expat package). Good luck with your decision!


yes that true i have also work her for the past 8 month and the economic is to low about the money so i have to swith to another place usa .


Kaohsiung is amazing and full of life. Great sights, the Daoist temples and Buddhist complexes are awe inspiring. The food is innovative and at the night-markets you can sample a variety of awesome cuisines (Taipei especially is considered one of the street-food culinary capitals of Asia). Taiwanese people are extremely friendly and hospitable. Food and healthcare is cheap and transportation is very easy and accessible even if you don’t scooter. Sanchez would probably hate any place he settled in. Also, I have a hunch his students are apathetic because they can tell their teacher has an awful attitude and shows he doesn’t care about them.


Bless! You hold onto that feeling.


Yeah, I will. Better to be happy and positive, than just another bitter, cynical ex-pat.


Isnt Kaohsiung the most industrialized/polluted city in TW?


By Wendy Lee ,Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2017/01/13 17:41
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Environmental group Air Clean Taiwan on Friday revealed in a report a ranking of Taiwan’s cities and counties by levels of PM2.5 air pollution, in which Kaohsiung’s Zuoying District holds the top spot for worst air pollution in Taiwan in 2016.

Yunlin’s Lunbei Township and Pingtung also ranked high on the air pollution list.


Yeah whatever man suck in an extra mouthful next time it’s choking outside. Get that fan pumping the grit into your house. Then maybe go for a cool dip in the Ai river.

All in the head man, all in the head. :grinning:


All the hate and complaining I see on here confuses me. I have lived in Taiwan 2 years, then went back to USA​, now back in Taiwan. I hear a lot of people complaining there is nothing to do, they feel like outsiders, they hate working 20 hours a week etc. I have lived in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Miami and Honolulu, I think every place can get you down if you don’t make the most of it. For example, living in New Hampshire, everyone I knew or worked with was always depressed, drank or did drugs 24/7 and hated thier job with a passion, but they never left and those locals who did just complained about every place they went. To me, any place can be a drag if you don’t have a good attitude. Healthcare in the states is a joke as well as dental insurance (had a filling a few months ago and it cost me 250 with an insurance plan). Taiwan has a lot going for it if you compare it to some little towns in USA. Sure, it’s not perfect but nowhere is. Ever lived in NY? It’s an insane mess… Also, a big plus to living in Taiwan is the close proximity to a bunch of other countries!


Are you new to the internet? :slight_smile:
Moaning is what people do…unless they are happy flappy on social media.


Agree with Brianjones. Nowhere is Shangri-la; but, we’re all not hopeless pessimists, either. Just venting.

When I’m not posting or reading complaints on the forum, then I’m probably out enjoying life, or doing something mundane.


To be fair, blasting Taiwanese music while hiking is really kind of tacky.