Why Did Bush Invade Iraq? - Part 2

So first let’s have the figures on how much they have profited from Iraq and then let’s have some evidence showing that they only support Bush and the Republicans and donate no money to the Democrats and then let’s show that they were able to shanghai US foreign policy and defense department decisions regarding invasions. Can you provide this? I will await all this with eager anticipation as will most newspaper and TV journalists. Think of it. Your own little Pulitzer prize.

I hate to be so cynical, but I don’t think peace was ever an option with this bunch. The wanted to go into Iraq from day one.

Let me give you a little hint Richardm. I, too, wanted to go into Iraq from Day 1. I have already given my reasons for wanting to do so. I also have wanted to go into Syria and Iran from day 1 and so do many people that I know. Guess what? It’s not a secret. I fully admit it. Saddam was a problem for a LONG time and with or without wmds, the man needed to go. The irony is that the left whines every time we do not go into a conflict with a shitty dictator killing millions but when we do in a place like Iraq where we ALSO have strategic interests, well then, no amount of squealing is out of line.

So, to underline that again. I am one of those people that was just itching for a chance to get rid of Saddam once and for all and I would have voted to do so in 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003. Got that? IT’S NOT A SECRET.

AND news flash!!! It has always been the intention of many to keep 35k to 50k troops in Iraq for the LONG HAUL. That ain’t a surprise either. I have only been writing about this for nearly three years. Suddenly, you are surprised?

So if you were President Fred Smith and went before the American people with that spiel, do you think they would have bought it? Would congress have approved such a plan? Or would you take advantage of a terrorist attack from Afghanistan to justify your war scheme?


Sigh. How many times have neocons raised the danger of Saddam and advocated his removal? From 1995? 1996? There were congressmen who wanted Saddam out for good back during the First Gulf war. ALSO, want to go back and scroll to Tigerman’s wonderful list of quotes by Clinton, Gore, Kerry et al regarding how they thought Saddam should be dealt with once and for all? Want to find the list of quotes from Democrats who stated that Saddam was trying to develop wmds and that he was a danger? The UN officials, Germans, French, British and others who thought he had wmds and was a danger? You can keep talking like this was somehow a Bush machination but how do you account for all the other comments from so many other people in so many other countries? Or did Bush just rewrite history when he took over and created these “facts on the ground?” Also, when you do get around to supplying all the figures regarding how all these companies are making out like bandits and how they funded and directed the Bush administration to make war on Iraq to benefit financially, be sure and let me know. I and others will be waiting with great interests to these “facts” and “figures.”