Why do British people refer Arab Muslims, Indians and Pakistanis as “Asian”

Asians represent 8% of the general population of England and Wales as of 2011. A 2011 analysis by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command of 940 possible offenders reported for “street grooming and child sexual exploitation” found that 38% were white, 36% were Asian, while 32% were of an unknown ethnicity.[8]

Who did this study? Grouping all Asian…like about 50 countries in Asia with very different cultures and development in society… unknown ethnicity…

Not very helpful.

I use a different vocabulary from what Spanish-as-a-primary-language speakers do. I also use a different vocabulary from what British people do. That’s pretty much how language works.

I left the references on there so you can click and find out who did it. Don’t be that lazy please.

What does a Spanish speaker speaking in English call people from the United States?

I speak Spanish, not as well as I used to but I know they say americanos for Americans after spending my summers building orphanages down south. Some may use estadounidense but my time in Spanish speaking countries they do use americanos. Especially in Spain.

I can see which organization. But who are the people that decided on this methodology to find out about ethnicity statistics on rape leaving 32% up to unknown percentage.

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No idea. Hasn’t come up. They just tell me that I’m American too. Which I tell them is fine if you’re speaking English in a Spanish-speaking country, but if you’re speaking English in many other places, you’ll be misunderstood. Because language is different in different places.

The original question isn’t that different from “Why do Canadians refer to grilling as barbecue?”, or “Why do Americans refer to football as soccer?”

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Regions of Asia.


Well the ones I know use Americans. I’ve just never seen anyone else do this before. The British people I know seem to not categorize all people from like 50 Asian countries as Asian. I didn’t know people did.

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Have to take another look at the map but maybe continental Europeans should be called Asian as well because they are on the same landmass as India and China is , but then that’s not how we classify Asians though.

I would venture to say that most people living in east Asia and south east Asia do not consider Indians as Asian , but rather as Indians ( and tend to lump pakis and Bangladeshi as Indians as well )


I guess Indian, Chinese, Arabs, and Iranians are major ancient cultural spheres. So its not 100% incorrect to do this. Although it doesn’t take Einstein to figure out that people might not always appreciate the label either.

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