Why do businesses here bother to post their opening hours?

Ranting again: It’s 9:00AM, I need to get something from a stationery store that says it opens at 8:00AM, and of course they aren’t open. This has happened countless times to me…I can’t be the only one, right?


owners too busy stockpiling face masks…


Or may be the case that the opening hours are incorrect. Anyone can suggest changes on Google maps.

Why do businesses here bother at all? Hours not posted in front.

Random days closed/vacation

Often late for work

Insane policies and rules that drive customers away

Failure to innovate

Yet they blame Taiwan, the government, everything else for their misfortune. Salaries remain low and rental turnover is high.


That could be the situation in this case. However, this happens far too often, even when the hours are posted at the establishment.

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It seems another case of…


I’m on board with this rant!

Listed phone number not connected or not answering. Website some sh1tty facebook page, that requires me to log in, with hours which are not updated for the days you need to know, such as public holidays.


Long live multinational conglomerates and chain stores.