Why do cars park backwards in Taiwan?

The other day one of my neighbords saw I parked front in and she insisted I back into my parking space. I asked her why and she couldnt give a reason.

Yesterday I went to a parking lot and the parking attendent said the same thing, when I asked why he looked dumbfounded and said thats just the rule of the parking lot.

Does anyone know why this happens in Taiwan and Japan? I dont see this as a rule outside of these 2 countries. What irks me is I see cars making 3-5 point turns trying to park front facing out and it takes so much time. When I go front in its very quick takes seconds vs 3 mins and coming out is quick too.

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Yea. That’s a huge thing in Taiwan. Baffled me too.

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It actually helps a little bit when driving out especially in tight spaces and corners. Although I always laugh at the insistence to reverse park when it’s a waste of time.
It’s one of the major things they focus on in the driving test.


Yep, it’s down to the driving test. Parking is so much more important than signalling and mirror use.

I’ve also been told that people believe it reduces accidents in car parks.


For instance if you park engine forward into a space with a wall on your right side, it’s quite hard to reverse out again and drive off smoothly. Try it. :grin:

Yes it’s probably for the visibility of traffic as well as you drive out.

Also if you reverse drive out into a queue of cars in a parking lot it’s quite awkward because you reverse into the opposite direction of the traffic.


Yes I get that there are specific situations where it makes sense. Its just ironic that they would choose this as the rule everyone so die hard on vs driving safely or understand Right of Way or singaling or defensive driving vs offensive driving or not parking at the bus stop out of convenience.


Yes it’s quite funny.
There are other parts of the driving test that are even more ridiculous such as the S bend. Stupidest shit ever…


I just remember the written test were full of questions about money and fines for certain offenses. There must have been 10 questions alone about DUI fines. DUI fine for first offense, for second for 4th without a fatality, fine with fatality etc

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Yea I first noticed it in Japan, before coming to Taiwan. Seemed odd. Now I’m used to it and seems like a smart option in tight crowded spaces. Big huge parkings lots, not needed.

Maybe it was a visible law or rule at one time but everyone just knows it now.

Most cars steer with two front wheels and can technically get into tighter spaces when backing up. If you have one of those cars where all 4 wheels can steer, or only the back 2 wheels do the steering, then it’s a different story.

It is also why we are taught to parallel park by backing into the parking space.

Since many parking spaces are tiny here, people just got used to getting into parking spaces tail first.

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makes sense, its just so different from what I observe, they take so long backing in all the time.
My neighbors, people at parking lots. Always make a 4 point turn takes 3-5 mins. Meanwhile takes me 5 seconds to drive in and about 15 seconds to back out. The tight spaces only apply to 10-20% of situations. Most parking spaces here are normal size since people drive SUVs

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Simple answer…
It is safer when leaving.
So they just do it everywhere.

I find it amusing when they do it at Costco. They back in all the way to the wall. Um…hello McFly! How you going to load your basket full of stuff into your trunk?


I always reversed park at home just seems sensible thing to do, I once had to put my car in the my tight fit garage front first, took me 10 minutes to get it out.
I’m very impressed with parking skill in Taipei! Essential? electric folding mirrors. for Taipei residents.

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Joking right?
Most parking spaces in major cities here are tight as can be.

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They do… I guess it’s from lack of practice. I’ve been driving since I was 16, so when I only take one try to get into a parking space while the car on the other side is taking its 4th or 5th try, I just try to remember they haven’t been doing it as long.

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Yes! I forgot to list this as another reason not to do it. When I back front in I can easily grab my groceries, in my parking lot its the kind that moves cars around so my neighbors cant get their stuff when they back in. They have to stop the car on the driveway put in park, go around grab their groceries walk it to the elevator and walk back to back in their car, meanwhile I have to wait several mins.

Whats the minimum driving age in Taiwan? Ive been driving since 16 too… I dont see any 16 yr olds driving a car in Taiwan, for everyones safety thats a good thing

I think it’s 18, but people usually don’t get a car and drive to get to places everyday at that age. Most people only really starts to drive when they are at least 30.

And there are signs at Costco reminding drivers to park head first, yet as usual people are selectively illiterate.


At our complex in the east bay they require the opposite but I like to back in :grinning: