Why do foreigners like A-Bian?

Why are most foreigners in Taiwan in favor of A-Bian???

Well, the title explains quite clear…I just can’t help thinking about it. Why? I’m not saying that I like Lien and Sung. Basically there is no one good enough to be a leader of Taiwan. But why A-Bian? Don’t you all worry that he will overdo things to make the communists angry…?!

Personally I prefer incompetence and redneckism to outright evil. Remember those KMT hacks are literally ex-fascists and if not directly personally responsible at the very least aided & abetted the murder & imprisonment of many innocent Taiwanese during the Martial Law era. Frankly I can’t understand why a man like Soong isn’t behind bars instead of running for president. :fume:

Well, I’m just worrying that Bien’s big mouth will get Taiwaneses in tourbles…But I don’t think what DPT does was right. They teach people to hate…whatever…politicans always think of themselves!

Bzzzzzzzzzt! Wrong answer. They are simply fascists, not ex-facists. Their excesses are just not tolerated as much any more. Give 'em enough rope, though, and they’ll hang you in a New York minute. Guaranteed.

i can’t speak for anyone else 'cept myself. would i vote for CSB or Lien if i was permitted?

why? he loves his country. he has worked his way up despite every obstacle the old party threw in his way. the only problem with CSB is that taiwan doesn’t have 1000 more to run for all the legislature seats.

does Lien love his country? a better question would be: what is Lien’s country? He is Chinese. the reason the KMT exists is to reunify with China.

from my view (in the cheap seats), a vote for CSB is a vote for the people of Taiwan deciding their fate. A vote for Lien is a vote to reunify with China.

i second the question “why isn’t soong behind bars?”.

Chen Shuibian used to be a member of the KMT. Does that make him an ex-fascist or an ex-ex-fascist? Ditto quite a lot of other DPP politicians, and Li Denghui, of course.

Chen and Lee are hardly “hacks” though. The heavy breathers in Beijing are going to get upset at whoever is in power. It may as well be a party that will stick up to them.

exactly right. watch, lien and soong get elected they will ratchet up the pressure.

Personally I think Lee Dung Hui should take office again… man that guy has balls.

I like A-bian because I think he knows what direction to guide the country in…

Granted he does a lot of stupid and reckless things… as well as being full of himself.

But there are two things he got right.

He wants to change the education system from its KMT roots which were to brainwash and stuff knowledge without encouraging creativity and independant thinking. Also he wants to encourage the “Taiwan Identity” which is necessary in the future if this country… ahem… renegade province ever hopes to win its independence.

Most Taiwanese don’t give two shits about winning their independence. A lot of people I talk to would rather flee to America than stand up and fight for their country.

What do the long timers here think of the possibility of the reinstatement of martial law? I fear for the personal safety of DPP’ers and others who implemented black gold investigations. If the Soong-Lien mob get back in it will be interesting to see how may ‘disappear’.

I like CSB for the reasons outlined above. Plus, anyone that carries on fighting the fight after his wife is blatantly paralysed as she was, truly believes in the greater good. Sure he may not be what we westerners consider a political leader but his passion is for Taiwan. I seriously think Soong feel she will one day be President of China.

As opposed to being subtly paralyzed? :laughing:

Right. An “A” for effort, a big happy face and a sticker for A-Bian, because he sure does have passion. Not much of a leader, but at least he tries real hard. Hey, if he loses the election, we can get him a ribbon that says “participant” so he doesn’t feel so bad… :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=“Erica1973”]Don’t you all worry that he will overdo things to make the communists angry…?![/quote]I don’t care if they are angry, but I do worry that he will get Taiwan forceably reunified.
And a lot of the anti-foreigner rhetoric that seems to come from mainly DPP members.

The KMT are pretty evil too. Glad I don’t have to choose between them.

If it was as simple as declaring independence and the PRC saying “Oh, ok then” and I was fluent in Taiwanese, the choice would be easy and I can see why the choice is easy for others. But it’s not that simple, and I can’t cope with a Taiyu only enviroment.

I never saw much difference between the KMT and CCP. The KMT was, is and always will be shit.

I remember have my mail opened by authorities here. I remember my girlfriend having to apply to leave…and receiving a passport good for only 6 months. I remember KMT agents murdering American citizens. Fuck the KMT. :raspberry:

I’m not a foreigner in Taiwan. I’m a foreigner in Hong Kong/Guangdong. I am not pro or anti-independence. I think that excluding the Ma Yingjiu pretty boy side of of the KMT, the blue camp is nothing but a bunch of facist pricks who wouldn’t think twice before cutting a deal with Beijing if it lines their pockets. I’m not opposed to unification; I see some sort of political relationship with the mainland as possibly being in Taiwan’s interests in the future. However, I don’t want that deal to happen too soon or to be made in a closed, smoke filled room. While I think the KMT/PFP are hopelessly corrupt and facist, I think the DPP are a bunch of rednecks. CSB is not a stupid man nor a hopelessly poor leader, but his job is made more difficult since he doesn’t have a whole lot to work with.

In my opinion, the cross straight situation is not going to change too much even if Lian-Song win. These guys still have to maintain a credible defense against the mainland if they are going to have any clout at a future negotiating table; they will probably improve links, but not so much that Taiwan’s security will be compromised too badly. I don’t think they’re going to do much of anything about corruption, though. If we think CSB hasn’t done much about it, then I think we’re in for a much bigger dissappointment if the government turns blue.

My biggest reason for favoring CSB (and I just barely favor him) is that I don’t want to see HK’s political situation decline. HK can take the economic loss of not being the middle man in cross straight links. However, the political impications of Taiwan unification for HK are all negative. Even now, Beijing is starting to get extremely “creative” in their interpretation of the Basic Law. Until recently, they had behaved themselves. The reason for this is merely because they have been trying to present an attractive image to Taiwan. Lately, though, talk of political reform in HK has been too loud for Beijing to tolerate. They’ve been getting quite pushy with HK and have started to say things that directly contradict the Basic Law. All of this in an election year in Taiwan; they should be afraid of a Taiwanese backlash, but they apparently think that reform fever in HK is getting so out of hand that they have to risk CSB being reelected. If Taiwan makes a unification deal with the mainland, then Beijing will no longer have any reason to show how well they can follow the law for a one country two systems arrangement. There’ll be no one left to impress.

I never saw much difference between the KMT and CCP. The KMT was, is and always will be shit.

I remember have my mail opened by authorities here. I remember my girlfriend having to apply to leave…and receiving a passport good for only 6 months. I remember KMT agents murdering American citizens. Fuck the KMT. :raspberry:[/quote]

:smiley: Man, I might disagree with you on many things. but i’m with you all the way on this way.
Fuck the KMT. They screwed up China, plundered the country, saved their own ass rather than fight the Japanese, then ran away and screwed up Taiwan, plundered the country, etc.
Fuck the Chiangs too. :bluemad:

I guess everyone wants to fuck everyone else…hmm could be a good idea. However, under the DPP the economy has plummeted. If the KMT did one good thing it was to build up the economy. Quite frankly it’s hard to say if Taiwanese people, like anyone else care who’s in office as long as they have a job, home and food on the table.

Would it really have made a difference if someone else was in office. Remember it’s all cyclical. Up and down. In 7-10 years, whoever is in power will have the same problems. Think about America. Ten years ago recession, war with Iraq, Bush in office. Today, recession, war in Iraq, Bush in office. :s
In the end it was only the vote in Florida that changed the man who could have been in power for the last four years.

In the end, I’d like to see Taiwan be it’s own country. No one has the right to tell 23 million people that they cant be part of the international community and have acess to all the orginizations that make the internation community.


The KMT is/was the wealthiest political party in the world. ITs ability to manipulate the TAIEX and the economy in general is pretty similar to the mainland govt now.

At least the DPP made the TAIEX a more relaistic bourse. Matters of transparency etc still need ironing out, but if Taiwan wants to be an international 2nd/1st world nation then it needs to suck it in and take some blows on the chin. The KMT would never let this happen.

As for the DPP being anti-foreigner… ha, maybe anti illegal immigrants, but goddamn, so is Australia, the UK etc etc…

I don’t know much about this part, but how much of the economy’s downturn was caused by the DPP’s poor economic policies, and how much of it was a result of the global economic downturn, especially economies heavily tied to US consumption, etc. Not to defend the DPP, but it’s like Clinton administration taking credit for the Internet Boom which helped boost/inflated the US economy.