Why do men get bashed for no reason these days?


Fascinating. You could start a whole thread about that.


Even beta boyz are being rounded up now by the #ReadMyMind movement.

Watch out, yyy, they’re coming for you.

Sexual allegations -- political aspects

Oh, I see: you were responding to something from 300+ posts ago. I totally missed that, hence the baffled sarcasm in my first reply.

Not sarcastically: if the theory is that going to sleazy sex parties and not talking about them later (unless in a completely positive way) constitutes liberation, then that’s a theory people will disagree about. You don’t need to use an -ism for that, though of course you can if you want to.


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Sorry, I’m too not-with-it to know what beta boyz are and too busy to look it up.

Oh don’t worry about me. I’ve got another planet to retreat to if this one goes wonky. :flying_saucer: :sunglasses:


Down, boy. Read the links first to get the facts about who’s slagging off Aunt Madge because of her views on modern day witch hunts.


Sorry, you triggered me!!!


I thought the only way to trigger you was to poke you with a stick!?!


Or putting locking lids on the trash cans.


Otherwise known as the “Rocket Celebrity Diet Plan.”


Not to belabor the point but you should be careful about taking yyy’s word for anything. Let the record show that I’ve never said anything disparaging about Margaret Atwood or her fans in general. Only those who fail to understand that she’s a fiction writer and not biographer/historian or “blood drinking monster”, depending on the mood.


And here I was thinking she was just a hack. Don’t her assistants do most of her writing for her?


A lot of it is very recent. Maybe 5-10 years ago I wouldn’t be saying his. I would have definitely said and agreed I was a feminist before. But in my generation, the world that main stream feminist are describing is just not what I’m seeing. More of my female classmates graduated HS and did better. Boys dropped out at a much higher rate. More female classmates went to college, did better in college, graduates at a higher rate, and landed jobs at a higher rate after. And I believe there’s statistics to back what I’m personally seeing as well.

I’m also seeing men falling into drug and alcohol addiction, getting incarcerated, going unemployed and committing suicide at a much much higher rate. And it’s really alarming. Almost all of the people I know who are in jail, battling or died from drug and alcohol are men, and almost all the suicides of people I know are men. And the statistics back up what I’m seeing.


Thanks for reminding us there are very fine people on both sides. :grinning:


I thought this was a very good interview.


It was pretty entertaining watching Peterson swat away the gotcha questions (and accusations) from that BBC-bot like gnats. You could almost see the gears grinding in her head.

Here are two more interesting ones from him:


That is actually a good interview. It’s unfortunate that people seem to be taking it as a win for the right at the expense of the left, though. That kind of us vs. them attitude really is getting sad (from everybody). The questions the reporter is asking are important to understanding his message. Without that kind of discourse he’d just be sitting up there saying, “Hi, I’m Jordan, buy my book!” He’s clearing up some misunderstandings and articulating some very complex social ideas in a way that people can understand. He’s not even denying that discrimination exists, if you listen to him, which is one of many parts that both the left and right seem to fail the grasp. There’s just more to it than just that.


Because no one is denying discrimination exists.

Normally this wouldn’t be a left right issue, everyone wants equal rights for men and women, and everyone wants women to succeed and have every opportunity that exists in the same way men do.

But the left have made this an issue, citing wage differences and then concluding they exist because of sexist attitudes, well that can be true, but there can also be other factors that account for it.

And that is where we see the problem, the left has adapted a very hostile approach to dealing with anyone who might suggest their conclusions are flawed. So hostile you will be sacked from google for suggesting otherwise, violent protesters will riot and smash cars and windows to stop someone like Milo discussing why the conclusions reached by the left are wrong.


I wouldn’t count on that. :2cents:


Well ok, Im sure sexist males exist. So do sexist women, I wasn’t too hot on a certain somebody going around all last year saying vote for me because Im a woman. Or other women saying there is a certain place in hell for women who don’t support other women. Can you imagine a man doing such a thing?