Why do men get bashed for no reason these days?


female may be 100% of fatalities at childbirth, excluding babies.

if you will search, i believe you will find as many articles that men are bashing women for no reason.

It somehow sounds like you are saying women should not express their complains against men without any evidence or legal inequality, because men are taking many responsibilities.


Not true. Most mothers are women.



Alright Andrew, I get that you don’t care for a CEO job at a conventional business. So do I. Business-ing sucks. For us. I get headaches at even the mention of spreadsheets. But make no mistake, there is no shortage of young women and men who want to do it. People are funny that way.

But look at why many female student shy away from those roles more than their male classmates? Why are there less male nurses than female? We have raised our kids with weird, artificial gender roles that have been passed down since the caveman days. We are changing, but it’s effects are still prevalent. Got it?


Uuuuhhh. Gosh. You know what I mean by jobs. Let’s not go there.


Unless you expect people who make some sort of advances in biological functions this isn’t something that anyone can do.

sure, but they are viewed as just that. And shunned and shut down quickly.


Who cares? Does nursing get done any less effectively because most nurses are female? If you think it does, you’re implying that women are, on the average, innately less capable of nursing than men, which suggests we should in fact ban women from being nurses; it’s a life-and-death occupation and only the most qualified should be doing it, ie., men.

See how weird this gets?


Assuming that human culture has developed in an organic manner over the centuries, why are these gender roles “artificial”?


yes, i did too, until I realized what it would cost me even if I would basically get a shot at CEO just because of my father. Compared that to millions of others who are stuck battling for that spot…i would guess eventually most of them would realize in their 30s they want to have a family and a life and only a few get to be CEO if they are lucky. And sometimes someone like me can come in and just be the CEO.


Why not? I mean it, why not? Why is it that being a lawyer or a supermarket manager is somehow more worthy than raising healthy, happy kids? It’s heartbreaking to see children basically parentless because their parents are off “pursuing their careers” - which more often than not is some bullshit job involving spreadsheets - instead of taking care of the things that, if pressed, they’d admit are the most important things in the world to them.

Sorry, but this whole ‘equality’ nonsense boils down to one thing: bits of green paper printed by the government are more important than people. Can’t be doing with it.



So you’re saying men are willing to make those sacrifices? Why? Do you say this because it’s seemed to you that most women are silent and happy about this?


I’m not. Men and women have equal opportunities (let’s not talk about places where women get stoned or beheaded randomly, I’m talking about civilized countries). There are many countries led by female leaders, there are many women into politics etc etc.

What’s the issue with the disparity? If women are less interested about doing certain things, why is that a problem to be solved? There have been countless studies, one of which I linked in this topic, explaining how and why men and women have NATURAL interests (NATURAL…not generated by conditioning, teh patriarchy etc) which on average lead them to different roles in society. You’ll find a minority of women who are interested into politics, and at a similar rate you’ll find men interested into teaching at kindergardens. There’s nothing wrong with that, unless you want to practice some eugenics and only let political-oriented women to generate offspring that may inherit their treats, and let other “traditional women” disappear.


Yet if you look at teh number, when women have kids they leave the workgfoprce… and takes years to come back. Mostly do not leave willfully, as anyone who has worked in a local enterprise can tell.


If it is voluntary, no problem. But mostly economic barriers means there is no level field.


What barriers?


I’m saying that it’s just hand waving to cite statistical disparities as conclusive evidence that it’s because men are willing to make the required sacrifices/because it’s discrimination in HR hiring and promotion practices/because women are silent and happy about this etc.

The company you’re CEO of, for example: presumably 50% of its top management are women and minorities likewise occupy several key positions. Did that ‘just happen’ or did you have to pull strings in your company’s HR hiring and promotion practices?


Interesting that in this thread, the battle of the sexes is being waged mostly by men on one side and male feminists on the other (not, of course, to discount the contributions of Icon and Tando).


Did you just assume EVERYONE’S gender???

triggering intensifies


Same salary for same work with same experience/degree.


The point is boys shy away from nursing due to traditional gender roles. Both are equally qualified provided they are trained.

Because ye olde history people got together and made a conscious decision to make it so.

Eh. Okay, since you asked nicely. It’s not more or less “worthy” per se. It’s then considering the fact that motherhood as a job that does not equate to fatherhood (traditionally speaking). Which, should be equal. It should be just “parenting,” but then, if parenting should be considered a “real job”, then like a “real job”, you have to get paid commensurately. Who’s gonna pay the person who is parenting? All other “real jobs” have holidays off and time off - Should parenting then have the exact same things? But wouldn’t that then be “irresponsible” to leave a child and go on vacation on Christmas day?

Parenting is a duty, not a job. At least considering the current climate, it should be for most. If you want to treat parenting as a “real job” (which is your choice and totally fine), then we need to write some new labor laws and change the views and judgments of people on Earth.


I prefer “deduced.”