Why do people here [presume I celebrate 🦃 🇺🇸 ]

…presume I celebrate Thanksgiving?


It’s wrong on so many levels.

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This threads :thread: going nowhere fast.

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What’s Thanksgiving?

Are you saying you don’t like turkey? And don’t you have anything to be thankful for?

Here’s where I usually do my thank fuck I’m not a Murican bit…but it’s a bit old hat.


I don’t mind people asking that, asking if we celebrate July 4th in the UK gets a dull stare back at them though.

You should be giving thanks to the kind and noble Maori who fed those starving English settlers so long ago. What did they feed them anyway? Maybe that’s why the moa went extinct.

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They didn’t feed them. I believe they served them up with a fine Chianti.


They probably don’t know what Thanksgiving is. Same people who don’t know about Taiwanese holidays and festivals. Only way to learn is to talk about them and ask questions.

I didn’t know the Maori had a trade route to Italy back then. Fascinating stuff.

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Ok so here’s the rub. My office asked me to write an e greeting card to send to American clients. We have a US office. Is it expected to wish Americans happy tank giving from outside America?


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Not this bear. No sirree. Not on my watch.

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Just wish them happy Waitangi Day, them call them bigots when they don’t know what you’re talking about.

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I’ve never wished anyone happy Waitangi Day in my life. It’s just not done.