Why do self-serve gas stations remove the nozzle locking clips in Taiwan?

Well ya, Germans are smarter. Where you guys got eugenics we got idiocracy…so no wonder we are stuck in this damned if you do damned if you dont mentality. Maybe we need to see how the Norwegians handle gas pumps as they had a touch of both and came out alright.

Oh ya, they (the oil nation) are promoting electric…nevermind :innocent:

Not having a lock is a pain. Holding the nozzle till you fill up


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Lots of stupid things happen on a gas station.
Check on about 2m10s for the one related to this thread:

The last one @4m25s could be much worse if the clip was in place.

not about the nozzle but the pre pay fueling. i encountered this for the first time a few months ago in the us. i was quiet surprised because usually i would just go to the clerk and told them i need to fuel, sometimes my credit card was required(not good in hindsight).

what do you do if your tank is full before you reach your amount? do they cash it out? seems quite inefficient.

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For the gas cap suggestion, my gas cap has a chord connected to the flap, and the chord is too short for me to jam the cap between the handle. Technically, the auto flow stop mechanism would cut off the pump when it’s full, but if people are going to do that, why not just leave the locking pin in place. Heck, the nozzles did come with them, and the way they removed it seems rather crude.

Yeah, the auto stop works when the flow backs up into the nozzle. Depending on the configuration of the breather tube, this is often accompanied by a big splash of gas from around the nozzle. Not only does this present a safety hazard, but it cuts into profits. At least the young folks working there have received rudimentary training to avoid this, on pain of getting in trouble. Depending on your average Joe Bag of 水饺 to exercise the requisite attention to avoid this would be roughly akin to operating intersections on the honour system. :eek:

Self serve isn’t that much of a standard, Oregon state just legalised Self Serve gas stations like last year or something.

Cut the cord man, cut the cord! Or just use something else.

Drove through Oregon from Orange County to Vancouver a couple of times in the 2000s, don’t recall not having self serve gas stations in Oregon.

Recall what you will

Jan 1, 2018.

Actually, thinking about it, this probably doesn’t apply, since the gas that’s splashing back will have already been counted to the amount owing.
Anyways, there will still be lots of people who aren’t nuts about havin gas splashed all over their paint job.

When I was a Pump Jockey in high school, the lock had three different settings for different rates of flow. IIRC, we never used the fastest one, since it was prone to the same splash back occurrence.

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yes they give you change back hehe… you pay 40. fills at 35 they give you 5 back. its not complicated but does create long lines in busy areas. to be fair, gas theft was/is VERY common.

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The law here forbids filling additional gas after the auto flow stop mechanism is triggered for the first time. Most pump jockeys here relay on the nozzle locking mechanism and would only come back after the auto flow stop cuts the gas anyway.

Most of the pumps I’ve used in the US, Canada, New Zealand and those in Taiwan while they hadn’t removed the nozzle locking mechanism, have just one setting. If there is spillage, something is wrong with the auto flow stop and it would cause spilling regardless whether the nozzle locking mechanism is used or not.

:astonished: Can you provide a reference on that law?! Seems rather specific and certainly one I’ve been breaking very often!

Ah, OK, it’s an environmental concern. It’s primarily covering spills, it’s not forbidden to continue filling after the auto stop unless you do it 3 times or more…Another unenforced and pretty much unenforceable law.