Why do Taiwan actors/singers fly to Amsterdam to smoke pot?

my question is travel-related, because I’m trying to get info about
the question underlined in bold below:

why do Taiwan actors/singers fly to Amsterdam to smoke pot?

I just happened to be walking :bs: past such “cafes” in Amsterdam
and I saw them thourgh the window. Those were more like A-list
big-name actors/actresses/singers… do they have organized
smoking tours or something
, because I always see them in groups
of 5 or 10, accompanied by someone who looks like a local tour
guide… Do Taiwanese paparazzi not have enough money to follow
them to Amsterdam?

Do Taiwanese airlines/customs check you to see if you’ve smoked
pot when you come off a flight from Amsterdam?

I’m assuming it’s not illegal, or is it? …since the smoking was done
on foreign soil, no?

I travel quite a bit to Amsterdam for business… I honesty think the
city is one of the most boring cities in Europe… and I’ve never
visited any of those cafes. Only passing by them on my daily walks. :bs:

your subtlety astounds us all.

It’s legal there, so it can cover up any use here discovered later in a bloodtest. Perhaps. I don’t think Taiwan can ban its citizens from smoking in other countries if it’s legal there.

Simple answer: It’s illegal in Taiwan but legal in Amsterdam.

Chris wrote: [quote]
Simple answer: It’s illegal in Taiwan but legal in Amsterdam.[/quote]

Complicated answer: It’s illegal in Taiwan but legal in Amsterdam, and there are lot’s of big tittie blonde women there.

because they can?

Taiwanese doing something in groups? That’s inconceivable!

Interesting. Taiwanese actor “Da Bing” (大炳 ) who admitted taking drugs just recently, was part of the cast for the movie Deuce Bigalow 2, which was partially shot in Amsterdam…


Dude, my question would be–WHy didn’t you take pictures? The tabloids pay $$$ for that.

They are not cafes … they are ‘coffee shops’ … and they do it because they’ve enough money to burn to fly there, smoke different tastes of pot and not be put out in puiblic or thrown in jail … it’s just illegal in Taiwan and they don’t want to be linked to doing anything illegal … cry baby hypocrites they are …

Oh, did you make pictures by any change? They are worth a bunch when you sell to Apple daily or Next …

They do it because they don’t know any Canadian English teachers.