Why do Taiwanese just sit back and watch?


Yes. He’s the only foreigner who understands Chinese culture. Perhaps he can enlighten Mesheel.

Oh no, please not blueface…

No seriously. Almost every evening my boyfriend comes home and does his taichi while watching the news. He gets very involved and angry about all that crap, but when I ask him why he just sits back and does nothing, he’s answer is, that it is not worth it and that one can’t change anything here.

Sure, nothing changes if you don’t do anything about it…


WTF? :loco: That’s like getting an anger management session during a heavyweight boxing match.

I thought you were a big fan of Taiwan and hated China. What happened ?

Why do the Taiwanese just sit back and watch? This is an interesting question. Let me direct you to another thread which provides an answer –

Taiwan better off as a colony?
[Taiwan better off as a colony?

Het, things used to be worse.

You just have to fight against 1000’s of years of inaction. Give them another few generations of democracy, and they might start to act and say no.

Incompetence created a situation that, when exacerbated, overwhelmed available remedies.

See above.

Because the water can’t get in them.

It rained a hell of a lot, and see above.

“Mildewed” water is considered by many to be some of the healthiest in the world. Taken from a single subterranean cave in the Uberkranicstradplazepluntz region of southern Germany, this water was once a giant iceberg that sank sometime 4.5 trillion years ago in the well-documented “Kleinborcht depression.”
This is the best solution the government has found until they can restore the brown, irony-tasting water that resident really crave.

It was the only venue that wasn’t booked.

Who do you think make up the individuals in the triads?

My recent dissapointment with Taiwanese inefficiency does not change my opinion on China at all. Still love to be in Taiwan and disagree with Chinas politics and Mainland Chinese attitude. Beware of the day when China rules the world… :noway: :help:

Let me rephrase one of my questions:
Why are fake gutters that cause flooding being built?

Gosh, 1 point for the construction workers, how the hell did they even think of building fake gutters. Great innovation…

I’m only guessing here, but it’s possible that the money allocated for effective guttering resulted in two Volvos, a house in Florida, one MBA, and some B&Q DIY guttering. I could be wrong.

Erh ghosty poos. I thought your aim in killing the Hex was to be more positive. Hang on, some bastards got volvos, MBAs and houses in Florida.

Forgive me, you were putting a positive spin on things.


Couldn’t the arses in charge of these cockups at least return their hong baos to put towards fixing the damage rather than simply resigning and going on to whatever the future holds for them and their next get rich quick scam??

The corruption and apathy among the politicians is widespread among the general population also. That’s why no one does anything about it.

[quote=“mesheel”]Taiwan has always been and still is governed by such corrupt and self-centred people who only think of their own good, their childrens immigration to the US, buying houses in the US, their Swiss bank account, their party staying in power etc. that I do not really see much hope for Taiwan at the moment.

Why do people in Taoyuan have to live 2 weeks without water?
Why are houses topling when the Taipei City government is trying to build an MRT system?
Why are fake gutters causing flooding?
Why was Sanchong flooded for the first time in 30 years?
Why are people in flooded areas provided with mildewed water?
Why are investigations of corruption affairs being held at a minimum?
Why do people vote for corrupt officials who obviously have connections to triads?

If all this and much, much more was happening in my country, people would get on the streets and fight for their rights.

Why do Taiwanese just sit back and watch? I don’t get it… :noway: :help:[/quote]
It could be because most of them are busy trying to make enough money to support their families or find a better life. Just a guess.

In the bad old days, anyone caught helping a person in need was exposed to the possible perception that the two people had some prior relationship and thus if the person in need was a “hoodlum” the helper might get arrested at a later date. True. I wouldn’t try linking this to 1000s of years of Chinese history… nothing to do with China.


Because its safe and nobody “gets hurt.” We still have a generation that grew up during the white terror period and another that was told that the cops would take them away if they were not good. A lot of people “committed suicide,” disappeared or fell off of tall buildings for being too outpsoken just over 20+ years ago.

Taiwanese aren’t taught about their rights, duties and obligations as citizens. The ignorant are easier to rule. The guy, I help with English, doesn’t understand his country’s constitution nor remember it being taught in school. He actually studied it himself during university, but couldn’t comprehend it. Hence why a new constitution really appeals to the Taiwanese electorate. It’s embarrassing to them, especially when they see and meet foreigners that know so much about there own.

Another point, How do you get things done in Taiwan? When ministries will give conflicting answers even within their own departments/coworkers and political parties are more loyal to their parties/factions than constituents, you don’t need to be too bright to see that action will get you nowhere fast. Take a look on forumosa, even here we argue on how to get things done and we have the benefit of Hartzell, who I’m told is almost impossible to get a straight answer from.

Also it can be dangerous to be outspoken just from other groups. There’s a support group for people who have had family or friends killed by semi tracto trailers. Well the head of the group gets on TV and says that he wishes that they would slow down, drive carefully and be cognizant of their actions and consequences. Semi tractor trailer drivers are often in some gang(Some people refer to it loosely as a union). Well shortly afte he got on TV, his shop burned down. I’m sure Taiwan’s police investigated it to their usual standard procedures(Police: “Yes, your place did burn down, must of been an accident, no need to investigate or make a report.”)

Hope this helps,

Once again, the old “Taiwan hands” tell us how it is, with expert opinion… :unamused:

I always blamed it on short sightedness. I mean with the PRC about the invade any day now for the past 1/2 century, people more of less have very short term achievable goals augmented with small sense of social responsibility.

The epitome of living like there is no tomorrow without regrets.

The fact that the maximum fine for overloading gravel trucks was drastically reduced a few months ago should tell us which group has more clout…
(Overloading the trucks is a frequently cited cause of accidents, for any pole-squatters)

Driving completely plastered and high as a kite on a mixture of speed, bing lang and whisbih are other contributing factors…