Why do the FunghiClear banners on this website seem to appear so often?

I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like the banner ad is showing Funghiclear literally 99% of the time. Is there a problem with the ad algorithm or something?

Yeah, me too. I clicked the “don’t show me this again” button earlier today or so actually, because I’d been seeing it all the time.

…and now I’m getting your ad, funnily enough:


that button does nothing. I tried it and it’s still showing fungihclear.

It worked for me, as it’s worked for me every time I’ve done that with an ad in the past. Must be another one of those TL-specific unsolvable problems. :man_shrugging:

Maybe try it again. I seriously doubt that Google Ads has it in for you.

I think if you don’t have a google account or are not logged in it can’t remember your preferences so they keep coming back (same in private mode too)

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@Taiwan_Luthiers consider getting a cleaner, more contrasty and sharper version of your banner

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I don’t see anything because I selfishly installed a plugin for not seeing any ads here or anywhere.

Same, clicked on the Don’t show this one again, and now I am getting an ad for something tasty from a Coffee Shop.

Edit - and something different each time I press the Formosa icon.



The “don’t show this ad” button does not even exist in my version.

Doubt. :thinking: What happens when you click in the top right corner?

@Taiwan_Luthiers , do you have a finished guitar to take pictures of it too? I think I have a concept for your banner that may look a bit better; basically instead of showing one unfinished guitar, we can move that one a bit more down and to the left, and add another one, finished, to the top right corner. We can switch also which one goes on top and which one goes down, so people see the value of both a finished, shiny product, and the hand work you put on it. If you want, I can even help you to do this… for free, I guess.

I did click on that button, “Don’t show this ad” button is not there.

This is what I get when I click the X on the upper right corner.

This is what I get when I click on “ad options”. The other two buttons does not have what I am looking for either.

I have a single finished guitar at the moment. I can take a picture, or at least try to, but it would be up to the admins like gooseegg and others to update the banner picture, I can’t do it.

I can help you with the pictures too/.

I’m sure @GooseEgg won’t have any problem with updating the banner.

So maybe you need to turn on the personalization option so you can block ads? Or just give in and buy some Funghiclear, whichever is easier. :man_shrugging:

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No, turning on the personalization option did nothing, in fact when I clicked on it it was enabled by default. The option is simply not there.

I might add that I only see the ads in the Mobile version (Galaxy A33 using Android 13).

On my laptop, using MS Edge on Windows 11, and with uBlock Origin installed, I see no ads.

What is uBlock Origin?

An Ad Blocker that can be installed as an Extension in Web Browsers.

There ya go :+1: