Why do we need tanks? Why don't we get defense missiles instead?


I think they bought both

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I also wondered the same thing at first. But then I started thinking about the possibility of positioning tanks along the coast as additional firepower against ships. They’re like mobile versions of gun emplacements. And have the potential to sink ships. Because they’re mobile they can move to avoid getting hit by enemy ships. They can be retasked to defend against landing parties and used inland against infantry. They also have the potential to take down aircraft depending on their positioning.


The package included a large amount of manpads as well

These are highly technical and capable. They would make landing very very difficult and 108 for an island the size of Taiwan is quite a lot. I think they plan to be in service into the middle part of this century so Taiwan could continue to upgrade them for years.

Ships are mobile as well and most have a far greater reach than tanks when it comes to fire power. Furthermore, an invasion wouldn’t begin without first establishing control over the affected area. It’s not like they would just show up and “voila” 到了!This would undoubtedly involve long range ground to ground and air/ship to ground missiles. China has lots of them so I wouldn’t count on tanks holding off this gaggle. I have a friend who served in a tank battalion here and from what he described, I wouldn’t put too much faith in their ability to fight off this red hoard.

I think their best bet is to get their hands on the best anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles. Make it so terrifyingly costly for the invader that they will be too scared to actually do it even though we all know that they’ll be able to wipe out the defenses. The risk of losing so many aircraft and ships (especially aircraft carriers) will be too much for them to handle and the long term consequences too serious.

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I personally think Taiwan should buy nuclear weapons from Russia etc if the CCP approves???

Taiwan had a nuclear weapons program. The US made them stop for some reason.

Tanks are very adaptable, they can be used as mobile artillery, infantry support , road clearance , some of them can even fight in all out nuclear wars. They can also carry missiles, be used like tractors…

Can the tanks in this purchase do all the things you described ?

Any links etc please?

Quick googling:

Let’s not forget that incident in 2006 when the US shipped Taiwan some minuteman missile fuze assemblies “by mistake”. Of course it was returned but I’m sure someone in the MND took a VERY good look at it.

Furthermore, if Taiwan really wanted to, they can and will make nuclear weapons. Do you really think that a country that can make GPUs (TSMC makes them) can’t make nuclear weapons?

Also another scary thought: Since Taiwan is not a member of the UN, they really don’t have to follow those nuclear nonproliferation treaties or anything of that nature. They say they follow, but I would not be surprised if there are a few bombs or even missiles hiding in the mountains. It’s easy to hide radioactive stuff there, those granite are already radioactive itself.

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Best would be submarines and a few stealth fighters.

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The terrain in Taiwan suitable to tank warfare is rather limited. Mostly in the southwest - all those soggy rice paddies.

Shoot at ships? Wouldn’t mobile artillery work way better?

We need subs and F35s honestly. They would do enough damage to an invading force coming onto the island for even a million strong standing army to think twice.

I have same belief. Taiwan is promoting its submarine program now. They made it local here. Furthermore, an invasion to Taiwan from China will be likely by taking islets like Penghu, Matsu, Kinmen. Then CPP will make those islets become command posts for landing to Taiwan main island.

Although I’m counting the days until trump leaves office, we should take advantage of this time to stock up.

What we need are sharks with frickin’ lasers.

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All the weaponry???

What about the Internet and satellites???
Electrical grids???

21st century warfare isn’t fought on the ground, in the air and at sea anymore. Cyberspace is the frontier and frontline if no one presses the button first.

Deployment of state-of-the-art US MBT deployed on Taiwan will render useless China’s current plan to attempt a amphibious attack under the cover of First Salvo missile attack.

At t=45 minutes, US stealth fighters will arrive at TW airspace to immediately provide target information to Taiwanese SAM. Any PLA Chinese armed vehicle or personnel stranded on TW will face certain death at this point.

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