Why do we need tanks? Why don't we get defense missiles instead?

I personally think Taiwan should buy nuclear weapons from Russia etc if the CCP approves???

Taiwan had a nuclear weapons program. The US made them stop for some reason.

Tanks are very adaptable, they can be used as mobile artillery, infantry support , road clearance , some of them can even fight in all out nuclear wars. They can also carry missiles, be used like tractors…

Can the tanks in this purchase do all the things you described ?

Any links etc please?

Quick googling:

Let’s not forget that incident in 2006 when the US shipped Taiwan some minuteman missile fuze assemblies “by mistake”. Of course it was returned but I’m sure someone in the MND took a VERY good look at it.

Furthermore, if Taiwan really wanted to, they can and will make nuclear weapons. Do you really think that a country that can make GPUs (TSMC makes them) can’t make nuclear weapons?

Also another scary thought: Since Taiwan is not a member of the UN, they really don’t have to follow those nuclear nonproliferation treaties or anything of that nature. They say they follow, but I would not be surprised if there are a few bombs or even missiles hiding in the mountains. It’s easy to hide radioactive stuff there, those granite are already radioactive itself.

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Best would be submarines and a few stealth fighters.

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The terrain in Taiwan suitable to tank warfare is rather limited. Mostly in the southwest - all those soggy rice paddies.

Shoot at ships? Wouldn’t mobile artillery work way better?

We need subs and F35s honestly. They would do enough damage to an invading force coming onto the island for even a million strong standing army to think twice.

I have same belief. Taiwan is promoting its submarine program now. They made it local here. Furthermore, an invasion to Taiwan from China will be likely by taking islets like Penghu, Matsu, Kinmen. Then CPP will make those islets become command posts for landing to Taiwan main island.

Although I’m counting the days until trump leaves office, we should take advantage of this time to stock up.

What we need are sharks with frickin’ lasers.

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All the weaponry???

What about the Internet and satellites???
Electrical grids???

21st century warfare isn’t fought on the ground, in the air and at sea anymore. Cyberspace is the frontier and frontline if no one presses the button first.

Deployment of state-of-the-art US MBT deployed on Taiwan will render useless China’s current plan to attempt a amphibious attack under the cover of First Salvo missile attack.

At t=45 minutes, US stealth fighters will arrive at TW airspace to immediately provide target information to Taiwanese SAM. Any PLA Chinese armed vehicle or personnel stranded on TW will face certain death at this point.

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Why does it take 45 minutes? Why dont they just send the information on Forumosa or something, with just one click?

You can have a lot of Jets and Missles but ultimately to take and hold land you need boots on the ground supported by heavy weapons like tanks, armored personnel carriers and lighter fighting vehicles. Part of Chinas plan to take over Taiwan would likely involve a large airborne invasion in which case enough Tanks and APCs with infantry would crush them, they likely wouldn’t be able to parachute a full battle tank, but maybe smaller APCs or armored fighting vehicles. They also would need to resupply them which is unlikely to happen by completely by air.

This isn’t WW2 where you can hide an invasion fleet with fake radio traffic technology has changed we have Satellite, Radar, advanced Sonars people who HD Cameras everywhere. To amass enough equipment and ships needed to conduct a cross channel invasion of Taiwan would take enormous amounts of men, ships vehicles and equipment. D-Day had 5000 ships this would require probably 10,000 ships as world populations have increased. Also it would take weeks to months to buildup and everyone and their grandma would know China was going to invade weeks before they invaded. US Navy and Japanese, Korean Navy, Australian Navy would be waiting. Crossing 150miles of open water with an invasion fleet = Sitting ducks. One could sink a single troop carrier and wipe out 5,000 soldiers at a time. China would likely have to send a mass airborne invasion to take over Taipei, Taichung and Kaoshiung at the same time. The amount of transport aircraft needed to drop 4-6 airborne divisions 200-300,000 soldiers is something China doesn’t have. Then without huge resupplies and heavy tanks and armored vehicles those airborne infantry won’t last long against well supplied Tanks, APCs, Infantry and attack helicopters. China would have to win air superiority first…but once they began the air war everyone would know what’s coming. It would be a logistical nightmare to pull off that kind of invasion today.


That’s the time it takes an F22 to fly from Okinawa Japan to Taipei Taiwan. To shoot down a Chinese fighter that’s approaching Taiwan, the F22 might not even need to fire any missile, since Taiwan has A LOT of SAM. That’s the alibi.

Prior to this Trump administration, a lot of political pundits were under the impression that in order to help Taiwan fend off Chinese attack, it is necessary for POTUS to wait for US Congress to declare war on China. That’s a totally false narrative originally invented by Chinese psychological war department.

Taiwan has almost 2 million military personnel. Discounting all the Tanks, Fighters, Helicopters and the fact that its home territory for resupply…How is China going to secretly send 2-3 million PLA soldiers to Taiwan without the world knowing weeks in advance? How many ships, aircraft would that take and how many multiples to resupply them with ammo, food, medicine? Since Chinese military uses different rounds of ammo than NATO 5.56


A large fleet of small manuverable boats and possibly submersibles would be more effective than adding on more costly easy to sink ships , arm them with light missiles .

Then another fleet of medium sized drones.
Layer the defence so they have to go through multiple barriers. Always keep some in reserve and divide the command and control to stop decapitation.

Anti ship missiles and anti air missiles.
100s of camouflaged and well hidden tanks that can be moved at will.
1000s of maneuverable mines.

Taiwan needs to think asymmetric warfare.

Nobody is getting on this island.

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