Why do white women vote Republican?


It’s because they’re racist:

I’m glad we’ve got that sorted. They find racist sadism gratifying and fun.


When you call white men and women racist, you wonder why they don’t vote for you.

One of the most ridiculous articles I’ve ever read. The journalist is a disgrace to the profession.


Jesus usually I don’t expect to puke when I read the Guardian


Of course it’s an opinion piece, but Grauniad editorial would have approved it. The author seems blissfully unaware of how bigoted she’s being.


oh my God!!!
the horror of it all. the horror!!!
what are those women thinking!!!
they have no right to vote like that.
someone must change this.
Like women can only vote for non-conservatives.
Let’s get a Prop # written up for next time.


Here we finally have the transition of @tempogain from left to right wing. We all suspected he was a bit fascist though :smiley:


Something I’ve noticed in the left wing, especially in the press, is that they are in total disbelief of people not only not embracing their most extreme and stupid postures but also rejecting them. True, currently only the extreme right says certain things that, while being common sense, may sound very off today. However this is just the effect of the postmodernist left having the loudest voices in the society, but many, many normal people even no matter if they are more conservative or liberal, more inclined to left or right wing ideas, think more or less the same. And as @Andrew0409 pointed out people often feel insulted by those loud voices. They don’t speak out because what is common sense sounds totally off, is not politically correct anymore! you are a racist! (if you bring up statistics) You are sexist and a rapist! (if you defend the principle of assumption of innocence).

So that’s the pre-elections ambient and feeling: the left main actors, and even the moderate right actors repeating the postmodernist bullshit that seems to be the right marketing now, and the media and the left claiming to be The People. And only crazy people, “extreme right” politicians say that that’s bullshit. And not many other people disagree with the “mainstream” PC bullshit, so The People must be right, they are indeed The People.

Then people vote.

And they vote something else. Sometimes they vote populist big mouthed people who tell all these PC and SWJ to fuck off.

And then the media tries to react, with really weird analysis on what might have happened. They include paranoid theories about how those big mouthed cunts have manipulated The People, used online media and fake news to their advantage, and so on.

But it seems clear to me that the loudest spokesman (and spokeswomen), while they do have a too large base of supporters, are not talking for everyone. They are actually a minority. A very loud one, that are putting other people under social pressure, getting them fired and silenced, setting them off of everything, but… they do not represent The People.

They are not The People, and instead of accepting it, they are going paranoid about why reality is not as expected.


I’m not that kind of left-winger lol


The writer of that article is the same one who made the list of allegedly shitty men based on nothing, and she’s also being sued by at least and of those men.

The fact she can work at the guardian says a lot about how low they’ve fallen.


Oh yeah, it’s her. I didn’t take note of the name.


There is a battle on for the soul of America, between the peevish, racist cruelty of Trump and his supporters and a vision of inclusion, justice, and decency forwarded by an increasingly diverse coalition on the left.

Disgraceful. This is the kind of prose that also shows up in American media, consistently and constantly. The mainstream media has been casting political opposition to Trump as a battle of good vs evil - pick a side, do you support halos or the devil? - for the last fourteen months (at least).

It’s created a brand new disconnect in the wake of the American mid-terms. That the GOP managed to increase its majority in the Senate, limit their House losses to roughly ~40 seats, and win any down-ballot elections at all is amazing, given the media headwinds Trump and the GOP have faced for more than a year. The American left doesn’t even recognize the uphill landscape the media has created for the GOP. If you do not support Trump then you only see good winning fairly and justly.

It’s not easy to win elections when the leader of your party is called a corrupt, racist traitor on the front page of every news organization every day for more than a year.

Good news is that there is a very good reason The Guardian has to beg for subscriptions.


Wow, this woman has the temerity to accuse half the country of racism and hate? Talk about projection. My irony meter just broke. The scariest thing is, she probably believes every word of that article.


White people in my experience in the US are probably the least racist of any groups on average. There are always those idiot inbred outliers. But they seem to have at least the social awareness of being polite and not do things like staring and whispering. Or maybe they fear the backlash more. But it would seem they try their best not to be racist and avoid it. There’s at least that awareness of it’s not good to be racist.

Other groups, no filter on what’s racist sometimes. They can do the most racist things and not understand it’s racist.

I can say when I went into a white school to play ball, I felt pretty ok. Going to a black or Hispanic school, I already know the yao Ming Jackie Chan jokes are going to be shouted at me. Pretty sad experience.



This is because other groups just aren’t held to the same standard. And of course, nowadays they’re taught that only white people can be racist, which just makes the problem worse.


It seems when I left the US 6 years ago, things have changed a lot. There was always this undertone of oh only white people can be racist. Now it’s like All white people are racist! Those stright white men are the cause of all the problems and white women who support them are racist! And a lot of time it’s white people say this…


Funny, they think they are dealing with hot anger, they are not it’s cold anger they are dealing with. Much more calculating, less emotional, resolute, longer lasting and deeply felt. They may be lashing out with hot anger themselves, name calling, getting upset, it matters not a whit to a person who feels cold anger. It’s also why the people who experience cold anger will keep quiet, but eyes open wide and when they go to vote, it sure as hell won’t be the way the screaming fanatical crowd who tried to shame them want.


So, most grown ups do not define racism as in if you say thank you to the black man opening the door at the office



What are you even saying


Good luck if your married to one of them! They all look bitchy! All of them probably like a huge black :banana: