Why do white women vote Republican?


Not always, but it’s hardly rare. Like, not at all rare.

Ok. In a corporate environment, rare. In the corner bar fifteen minutes after work ends, not rare and frankly common.


Where are you talking about? In America?


New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia.

Illinois, Missouri, Texas, Colorado.


What are you on about? Lyrics in popular music are representative of how people converse? I suppose they are for some people, but not for the majority.


Are you kidding?

In the US, street conversation shows up in rap music. In Europe, it seems rap lyrics show up in conversation.


I’ve only ever been to Las Vegas.


Yes, this is the way many African Americans talk. I grew up with them, and heard the N-word every day.


Not kidding at all. I like Guns n Roses, but I don’t say mother fucker in front of my parents.


You can’t help but hear it all the time it gets said so much. The idea that simply saying it aloud is somehow offensive is ridiculous.


My conclusion is that you’ve spent a lot of time in Asia and very little time in the US.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


That was my initial point.


The way things should be, I agree 100%.


Yeah, I’m old. Sue me.


I’m bemused as to how confused this has become. I’m defending an actor saying nigger. I don’t think many black people say nigger very often (other than a few idiot kids).


I’m equally bemused by a Westerner who is clueless about the use of “nigger” in the US.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The Guardian has probably led you astray once again.


Honestly, the only time I’ve been to America is for a poker tourney in LA. Stop being so defensive.

I didn’t win, by the way.


This is where things went south for you. FWIW.


if it is not directed at a specific person or group of people in a hostile way, but only used to explain a situation in a NEUTRAL way (as was the case with this actor), then everyone should be able to use that and any other derogatory terms. PC is fuqqed up.


This is way off, but if you haven’t lived in the U.S. you can be excused for not knowing what the reality is. For many young African Americans, especially in urban areas, the N-word is literally the equivalent of “dude.”