Why do white women vote Republican?


My point is that the word IS being used in this country, top to bottom. Verboten or not.


I’m not saying it isn’t. I’ve said it’s used in all my other posts. But certainly not the norm for people to greet each other in a professional setting unless they’re at a barber shop or something.

That part where French people using it openly just seemed a bit hard to imagine


I will agree with Andrew on this, one of my ex bosses ordering from a menu here was saying “that, that, that”, even though this guy knew 99.99% it had nothing to do with him, couldn’t contain himself.


It’s the most loaded words that are the most dangerous to bungle in translation. A few years ago, I met a perky young Frenchwoman who had just returned from a year of studying in Los Angeles. She’d grown up in Paris loving American rap music, absorbing images of hip-hop culture on television and the Internet. Her first day in L.A., she was walking through a mall when she saw a black guy in a baseball cap turned backward, high-tops and baggy pants. As they approached each other, they made eye contact. The young Frenchwoman waved and said, “Hey, nigga.”

Perhaps the young man detected the foreign accent and decided to take pity on the visiting student. He politely explained to the Frenchwoman that there are certain words she just should not use.



She was probably excited to finally use it with him too.


Well, when hip hop and rap artists use n_gger or n_gga (same thing really) as a normal word in their music, why wouldn’t a non American think that it’s a normal word? Black people (or in this case music artists) are the one legitimizing the usuage of those words.

It’s not like every hip hop album has a historical lesson about those words and a disclaimer that states only black people can use them and any other group who uses them is considered racist.


I’m not going to defend or condemn the word. But I would say use it at your own discretion, there are definitely situations and people you shouldn’t use it with no matter what race you are. And honestly some people should just not use it not because it’s racist. They just can’t pull it off and are just making a fool of themselves using it. I would probably laugh at a Frenchman if he used it instead of calling him racist.

This is how some people imagine they look when they say it when they actually look foolish.


Some white women vote republican because they have the right to do so. Some men like cats too


Indeed. There are a number of factors as to why people vote one way or another. In fact, voters might not agree 100% with every policy of the Party they vote for. That’s democracy. It’s odd how people don’t get this.


That word is simply off-limits to any white person. Whatever the context is, you just don’t say it (unless you’re black). Idk why you guys are even defending him.


What a drama boy he is. Acting hard but being just a house nigger. What happened to rap btw? They all sound corny, neither singing neither rapping


In which case quite a few movies would need to be censored.


Because that’s totally absurd.


This rule only applies to progressives. That’s the way I was raised, so I never use it either. Old habits die hard.


Movies/tv shows don’t count when their background is a long time ago.


I’m glad you’re clear on all the rules.


Honestly I just avoid using it now as a grown adult. It’s one thing to use to communicate in a locker room full of black teammates saying it to you every other word, another to just go around saying it to people. Plus there are people that will beat you to a pulp or worse if you use it around the wrong person.


Why is the threat of violence from blacks a reason to not use the word? Seems kinda fearful and racist to assume they would flip out at hearing a white person say it (what about from a Latino, Middle Easterner?) . At best, it’s a trigger word for some blacks. I’m thinking most would simply shake their heads and sigh.


Ok, you walk down block with project buildings and greet people that way and see how it works. It’s like saying seems fearful and racist to avoid the favelas in Brazil assuming they would rob you.

There’s principles, and there’s doing what’s practical.


I don’t think anyone is suggesting doing that or anything like it.