Why does a Firefox Update eat my favorites?

Firefox upated itself last evening. Now AGAIN :fume: ALL my favorites are gone.

This is the second time this has happened. How can I

A) stop updates from erasing my faves and

B) find the faves list if it is still saved somewhere?

Thanks techy people.

Have a look here

You will also need to buy more memory. The latest version of Firefox uses eleven billion squigabytes.

That’s one thing I don’t quite understand. Via the Control Panel in Windows XP I can see an old version of Firefox (1.0.7) followed by ‘size’ 17.09 MB. I thought the program was much smaller than that.

Then I look at the current version: Firefox 1.5.06, size = 96.30 MB.

Wow! Quite a difference. presumably this means how much space the program is taking up on the hard drive as opposed to how big the program is. Don’t know - it’s all too technical for me.

Stupid question…but are Bookmarks the same as Favorites?

yeah, I had chinese firefox and was using the microsoft verbiage.

Oh, ok.
I blame it on the Chinese, as with everything else.
I updated Firefox today, and all my Bookmarks seem to be uneaten.