Why does Bowie get a free pass?

I was just thinking. Now I like a lot of Bowie’s songs. But I was just thinking; he was a nonce. Why has he managed to get a free pass for noncery when just about everyone else is getting #metooed for looking at a woman the wrong way. Compare him to the crucifixion MJ received.

Do tell. Never heard anything about it.

There’s something

Groupies don’t count?

From your article:
Tony Zanetta, Bowie’s manager and also his lover, said that in the end the identity of his lovers didn’t really matter to Bowie. Zanetta said: ‘He was bisexual, but what he really was, was a narcissist.’

That about sums it up then. Right! MOving on.

I don’t get it

Morality is a fashion. It is subject to fads.


There’s also Roman Polanski. Sure, he raped some teenager up the ass, but it was the '60s! (I think the USA would be justified in nuking Switzerland.)

Seventies (not that it matters).

Polanski didn’t precisely get away with it, did he? I admit I can’t be bothered to look up the exact details, but IIRC the scandal pretty much ended his career and he was sort-of on the run for many years.

If the OP is interested in an actual answer, it’s in the title of the Mail article. SJWs don’t like to hear it, but people in their mid-teens seem to be perfectly capable of getting through their early sexual experiences without far-reaching psychological damage. I’m pretty confident 50%+ of the people posting here didn’t wait until they were legally of age before doing whatever their hormones told them to do, so I’m guessing many of us are familiar with the actual shades of grey involved there.

JP and Milo wossisname had a conversation which revolved mostly around this subject. Worth watching. Anyway, I’m not saying it’s right for a 40-year-old man to be seducing 15-year-olds, just pointing out that Bowie doesn’t appear to have been a predator in the same sense that (say) Gary Glitter was. I’ve only skimmed the article, but he doesn’t appear to have pressured anyone into anything they weren’t 100% keen on in the first place.

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