Why does everyone think Taiwan is poor?

Not to be racist, but they all look the same.

It’s more like only people of certain looks gets chosen to appear on TV or as models. So they all look the same because only people who looks like that are shown.

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I don’t see how they are “prettier” than the cheerleaders we already have here in Taiwan. I don’t really get the trend. It’s like the best example of how well Taiwan is doing, and how little self-esteem people here have.

Some local cheerleaders




I am quite impressed how many Porsches are on the streets of Taipei. Even the entry models (like Macan) are NT$3 million.


You should see Taoyuan, you couldn’t move without bumping into a Lamborghini or Maserati.

And every week see a handful of Maybach

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Umm. All the major car brands are selling their “luxury” brand cheap. Kinds in uni here can easily lease a Mercedes for under 10k/month. The whole thing is just a marketing scam. Outside of true car enthusiasts and engineers, the whole industry is just gross.

Benz, BMW, Porsche, jaguar etc etc all realized the big .kney is wholesale quantity. They may still make fun project cars for fun, rich people and marketing (ie. Race cars) but the bread and butter is letting idiots feel they are fancy.

I think Tesla would make a good race car, the motor probably have more performance than a sports car. They’re mass produced cars too.

Most “luxury cars” these days are really all Chinese made, or uses Chinese component, and this includes BMW and Mercedes.

I’m surprised how many people with relatively ordinary jobs have fancy cars and nice houses. Dunno how they do it. I know that some of them have the advantage of family money, but …

What my point was is that BMW and Mercedes have cheapened down. Amongst others. They aren’t hand made super cars. They are cheapo production lines (like ford) to give kids with inflated egos a hat that tells people they have more money than they actually have.

It’s pretty obvious.

Dudes with Hyundai, ford’s, Toyota etc aren’t much different than. The BMW anymore. Which makes me smile.

Not fancy anymore. Plus massive debt. It’s a false narrative on an individual level. And people don’t think individual grass roots movements matter, unless it’s for ego :joy: it’s annoying as all fuck.

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Yeah, I figured that might be the explanation.

I bet if there was a metric that tracked the number of crashed luxury high-end cars per capita, Taiwan would be in the top 10 or maybe five.

A crashed Ferrari or Maserati or Lamborghini or something similar is like a daily occurrence sometimes twice a day it seems.

The Covid related backlog for normal cars seems to have improved in the UK, but some popular ones still have some longish waits times. I was referring to the more exotic stuff, £200k+ sports cars and so on.

they’re all Korean, so probably all had the same plastic surgery for their 15th birthday


My favourite observation from one of my students a while ago: how drivers of these extremely expensive automobiles will zoom forward in Taipei City’s East District or Xinyi District—only to stop 200 meters ahead at a red light. Then they do it again, and again stop 200 meters ahead at a red light. :doh:



My guess is that the flooring the gas and the sound of the engine feels good to the driver, so they’re fine doing it. It also grows the apparent size of their male organ by about 20%.