Why does it take so long? (Camera phones thread)

For Taiwanese technology to catch up with the rest of the world?

I’m thinking of getting me one of those new fangled Sony-Ericsson k750i or new w800i that is coming out next weekend.

It’s the newest camera phone here, a 2.0 megapixel, and people are jumping up and down like horndogs in spring for it’s arrival.

The problem is, when I do a quick websearch, I find out that almost all of the phone companies have developed and have been selling 3.0+ mp cameras for over a year now, in other parts of Asia.

The new SE looks pretty kickass, but I hate spending that kind of dough for a top end product, knowing that it isn’t actually top end, it’s only “the best in Taiwan.”

So what’s the deal, why aren’t all these other great phones that are light years ahead of our time being marketed here? Also, if we’re just getting the 2.0, how long will it be before we get the 3.0 that has been available for over a year elsewhere?

Well suck me sideways, it appears that there is a 3.0mp available here, but it’s made by a local Taiwanese company, called “xcute”.

Review 1
Review 2

It looks interesting, but I’d still like to see phones from the bigger names.

I hear you. I want to get a new Blackberry device… not yet in Taiwan. I think the phone company’s behind it. I KNOW that they’re responsible for getting spam text messages that I can’t figure out how to block. Technology Island my ass.

Here’s a link to some test photos from the xcute dv1. As expected from a 3mp cam, they look pretty sweet. And there are a bunch of them on yahoo.tw auctions in the 9000nt range. All of a sudden that k750i ain’t looking so great.