Why does my Wish ping like a submarine?

Toyota Wish w/built in GPS /radio.
Every so often a hear an electronic ping sound. I can’t seem to locate the source of this alarm or figure out what triggers it. It seems trigger more when I change velocity quickly but I’m not certain. I don’t think it’s coming from my radio. It’s just a single ping sound every so often.

You might have purchased the amphibious version. Try driving it into the nearest lake or creek to confirm.

See if it’s perhaps a speed camera warning. Whenever you hear it, keep an eye out for a camera.

The other possibility is it’s a warning for when you go over a certain speed.

Evasive action!

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it’s pining for the fjords, I believe.

(Maybe that’s ‘Fords’, because it’s a car.)

Can you describe the ping? Is it really like a ping or a beep or a bong or pop and how long does it last approximately? How many milliseconds?

Anyway it could mean one of the small batteries in one of the electronics is going bad and needs to be replaced.

And believe it or not sometimes a corrosive battery will cause a relay inside the car to make odd sounds.

Whatever you do, just don’t press the torpedo button by accident.

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It just sounds like “bing” with a little echo. I’ve got front and back sensors which give an annoying beep beep beep when I’m near an obstacle to one long screechy beeeeep if collision is imminent. There’s an eco light that goes on and off too but it may be unrelated to the ping.

But the “bing” is soft and seems to come from nowhere or everywhere. I can’t pin down the sound. With the air conditioner fan running is really does sounds like a submarine.
I’ll check and see if it comes from the entertainment center but I believe if the volume is turned down or not, the ping still pings.
OK… the car is kept at a relative’s house. We only use it on the weekends if that or special trips so… that’s why I’m sort of not familiar with everything. We mostly use our motorcycles.
The manual’s in Chinese.