Why does Taiwan beer taste so good?

Seriously, it’s bloody awesome! :bravo:

In fact it’s so awesome it deserves a picture:

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I really hope that you don’t think that I’m trolling you, but Taiwan beer tastes like shit. It’s on a par with Budweiser (both made from rice). Vile. I’d rather drink swimming pool chemicals and drain cleaner.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been living off of Tsingtao for the last couple of years, but it was such a refreshing break from the norm… bloody nice beer it is.

(doesn’t come close to Paulner or any other German wheat beer, but damn I love that Taiwan beer)

Yeah, the distinctive flavor brand in bottles is quite refreshing.

Agree Taiwan beer is monkeypiss. The water quality in it is poor. I think there’s a gold version that’s a bit better, but I will only drink that stuff if there’s no plan B, and even then I have to consider it.

I’m all about a nice tallboy of Asahi (not dry). Or Red Horse.

Certainly it has nowhere near the robust, complex flavors of, say, a Belgian Trappist ale or a hearty German Bock, but as cheap, light lagers go, it’s not bad.

Doesn’t it contain formaldehyde or used to or something?

It’s o.k. with a meal, perhaps. Or ice cold in a bottle on a hot day. Yet I’ve always maintained that the highly limited selection of real beers on the island always prejudice the view of those that actually quaff it on a regular basis.

Just think of a venue where one actually has a real series of choices of product. Such places boggle the mind of those of us that have been here too long.
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I like TW beer ! And they think they will capture one pct of the Chinese market in a few short years (and that will exceed its present sales in all of TW).

More of a Tsingtao man myself when imbibing the cheaper stuff. The big bottles from 7-11 always hit the spot.

There have long been rumors that formaldehyde is used to clean the fermentation tanks, leaving a residue that ends up in the beer. But the rumors are unfounded.

I hope you’re not planning on drinking a large bottle of beer than hopping on a scooter/motorcycle. If you drink, don’t drive.

SerpentChina -

Fine beer by me. Its an easy to drink beer that has good mouth and no questionable after taste.
I’ve visited their brewery here on the north side of Tainan and found it to be clean and well-run.
Good ingredients, good Quality Control = Good beer.

Al the water is multi-filtered and ph and mineral adjusted.

A fun and seemingly relevant article:

Beer Snobbery

Will post some pics soon re:Taiwan beer.

Where you at?

As far as even Asian beers go, it’s really crap. Seriously they could have put a little more work into it when developing countries like Laos and Cambodia have awesome national brands. Angkor Beer or Beer Lao, now those are some good lagers. The only beer of acceptable quality in Taiwan that is not imported is the strong black 7% also by Taiwan beer. Only 50 NT for a tall one!

I’ve not tasted the ones you just mention but I think ‘Jin Pai’ and ‘Sheng Pi’ (gold and draught) are actually not bad light lagers. I don’t drink the chemical tasting blue one from the cans.
Tsingstao in Taiwan is brewed by Taiwan beer as are some other brands. Most of the beer in Taiwan in Taiwan actually tastes the same, I’d doubt people could pick them our in a taste taste except for the Asahi super dry and the aforementioned chemical taste of canned/brown bottle Taiwan beer (to be the chemical taste is reminiscent of ethanol that has been added, could be wrong though).

Each of the Taiwan Beers have a unique taste defined by their ingredients and brewing methods.
Some pics:

Personally, I usually drink the brown or green bottle. I don’t find the ‘Strong Red’ or ‘Strong Black’ all that exciting, but they are nice alternatives with the right foods.
Taiwan Beer is a good drink compared to the alternatives available. I especially like it on draft when found.
But I am also a big fan of draft beers vs. bottle or cans.

No, this is not from today…:smiley:

Good work TC.
Would have posted earlier but I’ve been busy going underground, infiltrating a squirrel terrorist cell (a false alarm as it turned out - just some Canadian lesser-dicked chipmunks talking crap after chomping on ‘Caribbean acorns’).

I love Taiwan Beer. If I were a millionaire, no, obviously not a first choice, but it offers good bang for buck for a peasant like me. A decent drink at the price and it strikes a nice balance. When I say ‘balance’ I’m talking about being nuanced without being metrosexual, but not too rough as to leave you blind.

Enjoy, gentlemen. :beer:

Taiwan Beer is quite possibly the worst beer on the planet.

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