Why does Taiwan have so many weird foreigners?

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If they ask, just tell them you’re Russian.

I heard Hokkaido folks really like that. :grin:


Not Weber, but Costco’s got an OK selection.

I’d be able to say much more about the quality of Costco’s grill selection if I had a decent patio or balcony. Alas, that absence is basically my only regret about apartment living.


With Canadians playing the arrivistes vs the nativist binlang chewing Bowery Boys?

Which side would your money be on?

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Yet another thing for me to add to my long list of reasons to move out of the city.

The latter for sure. Oops responded to my own message…now that is weird.

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I think it’s pretty cool! (but I’m into martial arts too :sweat_smile:)

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I’d get a lot of people that would try to get all friendly but it wasn’t that they wanted to be friends, just to show me off at a party I was invited to and expected to attend from someone I just met, or for him to show me off to the wife or girlfriend or boss. Once that was done they would ghost.
I have a ‘come and disturb me’ face I think.

The problem has gone away now that I have a perpetual eff off face when I go out.

Depends of the country. Each has its own bizarre things

Have you even been to Bangkok? Like even for a stopover?


Just go to any city in Europe, half the population is some kind of combination of foreign and weird looking. :sunglasses:


So true hehe

Weird people are the spice of life.