Why does Taiwan have so many weird foreigners?

IDK, London is full of weirdos to me. I would say a wider variety of them as well.

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I think it’s because Taiwanese people leave you alone for the most part. You are free to be weird here and no one bothers you about it.


They have an entire thread, humbug

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Talking about weird foreigners. This news shows 4 foreigners setting fire in a playground in tianmu and then running away

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The arson I can forgive. The lack of face masks, unforgivable.

I guess these guys are students.

Grave digging is like watching a re run
Some are good some not


Yes, the one where a ‘bandit’ in a cave in the Spin Ghar mountains with a laptop from the late 90s, connected to a satellite phone, could run the largest terror attack in history.

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Bin Laden was a patsy. False flag. Wake up sheeple!


I don’t know if this is just me, but I used to attract weird Taiwanese guys who were obsessed with having a foreign friend to show off. One guy used to buy me gifts and get angry when I didn’t reply to his text messages. Another guy somehow got my contact details after I blocked him and was crying because he wanted to be my friend so badly.

In my experience, there are definitely some weird foreigners in Taiwan, but the weird local guys are what concern me.


I’ve met some too, but more like “did lots of martial arts when young and then became genuinely interested in learning Chinese”. They are usually nice.
In Japan I ran into several samurai wannabes and mall ninjas. Some are cool and know a lot about war history and weapons. But others can be quite obnoxious and loud. (Think about bad otaku stereotypes)
Which brings me to the next type of weird foreigner we luckily don’t have here: the weeb that travels thinking they will really be understood much better in Japan (or Korea for koreaboos) and believes they are a local person trapped in the body of a foreigner. There’s nothing wrong with liking anime, I even used to do cosplay. But sometimes this kind of people are mean to other foreigners (because there is only space for one special gaijin) and stalk cute locals because they project their fantasies onto them and have a hard time distinguishing between reality from their idealized version of the country they are in.

Personally, I don’t think foreigners in Taiwan are particularly weird. In South America we get lots of the "hey man have you tried Ayahuasca? That changed my life, you should try it too. I love how you locals are so connected with the Earth and nature here. South America is so magical, everything’s like Macondo. " people (we also get a lot of tankies from 1st world countries). Those are far weirder than anyone I’ve met in Taiwan.


Good post! I can start to see the weirdos in Taiwan have some pretty serious international competition . . . :rofl:



Just joining. Really the most trouble I’ve ever had in Taiwan was attributable to other foreigners.

I was working at a big school recently and noticed quite a number of odd ones.

But the real question is what is normal or un-odd?

A recent Twitter poster talked about how they were out in a public place in the USA with a bunch of people doing things. She asked the readers to notice all of the odd acting, odd appearances, odd behavior or the youth.

Encountering young people here in Taiwan the past 10 years it seems there is a huge addiction to gaming. Even adults are gamers here.

This is such a huge turn off to me.

I’m an oddball I admit. I am a news junkie and read all the time and listen to all sorts of mess.

So what pray tell is normal these days?



You know who the boring ones are…obsessed about some shite nobody cares about

Gaming and mobile obsessed.

Actually according to the statistics collected by gaming companies (an organization called the entertainment software association) the average age of gamers is 35. Also 41% of gamers are female. This was as of 2016, so it’s possible these stats have changed in the last 6 years.

Speaking of weird

Crazed Canadian tourist arrested after hurling rocks at bank in Thailand - Buy, Sell or Upload Video Content with Newsflare

Just based on limited visual evidence (example: what I see on the MRT), I think things have changed since 2016.


Sorry these are for Americans only. Just as a reference to show that maybe Taiwan isn’t so weird about loving games

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Yes, I’ve got met those.

One young one in his late 20s, Taiwan Ren, has a great business that could be so much more but he does nothing but play games all day and night which has nothing to do with the business.

Creepy - a dude I met recently in his late 40s is consumed with gaming and all of the friends of his I’ve met are teens or early 20s. His wife runs a coffee shop. That’s how we met

I wonder if some of these things are just happening in other cities outside northern Taiwan. I’ve spent nearly all my time in northern Taiwan and haven’t had issues finding soap (at least not more than any other country including the USA, sometimes dispensers are out which I agree can get annoying). There also is almost always tp, sometimes there’s a single roll outside the bathroom, but it’s almost always there.

The thing about bathrooms I personally hate are when there are only those squatty potties. Hate those things. Seems in Taipei that the shitter paper is mostly a thing of the past (thank God)